What are wood residues?

To us, it’s not waste.

Residues are anything leftover from higher-purpose or high-use products. Sawdust from mills, logging slash and offcuts, and any debris leftover from forest harvests.

Residues from sawmills and forests across New Zealand that are normally considered waste are repurposed and resourced to create the sustainable products we manufacture.

Where does our wood come from?

We utilize sawdust and shavings from mills and logging slash, offcuts and any debris left over from sustainably managed forests after harvest.

We want to create a circular economy and provide environmentally sustainable solutions by repurposing wood residues. All our products are manufactured and produced from natural wood waste that would otherwise end up in dump sites or landfills.

Residues are the main component of the products we manufacture.

We work with forestry managers and owners from the beginning to monitor and manage effective projects for an environmental forestry residue clean up where these wood residues are repurposed into a range of wood products including:

  • Renewable energy

  • Resourceful media

Developing the market 

We have the generational knowledge and understanding of the entire process to create circular economies with zero waste

  • Azwood has been in the energy business since 1978

  • We made the transition to wood energy in 2004

  • The wood pellet plant was up and running in 2008

We have high investment in private capital business. The increased carbon tax has affected businesses, whereas there is no tax on wood fuel and it is a clean, sustainable option for commercial customers.


Why involve Azwood from the start of a project?

Forest managers and owners want to make sure they do the cleanest job they can to reduce risk. We work with these companies to provide a solution to remove the residues off-site.

If involved from the beginning we can work with forest managers and owners on things like skid design so we can effectively come and retrieve those residues while the loggers are still working.

What happens if wood residues are not cleared?

If left behind, wood residues can become an environmental hazard that can contribute to landslips, erosion, wildfires and build-up in waterways.

By us offering a forestry residue clean-up service we are reducing environmental hazards and giving back 100% of the land to forestry owners for replanting.

Recent forestry residue clean up collaborations

Rabbit island, Tasman Bay

Flat land ground prep, post-harvest residue recovery

  • Reduced compliance costs

  • Decreased environmental impact

  • Mitigated fire risks

ECAN, Canterbury

ECAN slash clean-up, full product removal

  • Post-op slash residue 

  • Ground in forest

  • Post grind transportation 

  • Ground product resourced & repurposed

Kingsland Forest, Nelson

Post-op residue removal

  • Steep country clean up 

  • Live skid site clearance

  • Community visibility

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