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At Azwood, we work with a range of industries throughout New Zealand to provide high-value renewable and sustainable products and services. Click below to learn how Azwood partners with some of New Zealand's most important industries.

Fuelling growth since 1978

We’ve spent over four decades providing sustainable energy, soil health and landscaping solutions by repurposing wood residues. 

We believe in being resourceful and making the most of what we've been given. We're passionate about giving natural wood waste another purpose, and we care about supporting local businesses.

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What we do

Give natural waste another purpose

We use wood residues and organic waste to manufacture natural products.

Our environmental clean-up keeps waterways clean and safe, reduces landfill waste and helps mitigate the risks associated to climate change.

We also partner with other local industries to repurpose natural waste, such as sawdust and shavings from sawmills, manures, fungi, trade waste byproducts, and green waste.

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Our commitment to environmental responsibility

Sustainability through positive change

Sustainability to us is resourcefulness. It embodies everything we do, from sourcing natural waste materials and manufacturing our range of products to our partnerships with New Zealand businesses.

Our sustainability story

Reducing carbon emissions for a better tomorrow


Businesses and customers we have partnered with since 1978

Thousand m3

Per month of forestry slash & other waste products diverted from landfill

Million Kgs

Of CO2 saved from fossil fuels by repurposing organic waste and wood residues into natural products since 2004

Azwood product range

All our products are made from natural wood residues and natural waste sourced from local New Zealand businesses. 

Our generational knowledge and deep understanding of the entire repurposing process allows us to provide a range of environmentally sustainable products and services.

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  • Commercial wood energy
    Our industrial wood fuel products are a carbon-neutral and renewable alternative to fossil fuels.
    Commercial wood fuels
  • Soil health
    Our composts, potting mixes, and other growing medias offer natural alternatives for New Zealand growers across the South Island.
    Soil health
  • Stock pellet fuel
    We supply retailers across New Zealand to help homeowners heat their homes with our range of certified wood pellet fuel brands.
    Stock Azwood pellet fuel
  • Landscape materials
    We offer a range of landscape materials, wood-based certified playground surfacing, and bark-based natural odour control and rain garden mixes.
    Landscaping supplies & barks
  • Forestry services
    We partner with local forestry to provide full-service clean-up services which helps save costs, mobilise debris, and quickly regenerate forests.
    Forestry services
  • Animal bedding
    Our animal bedding range provides farmers a high quality wood-based, natural alternative.
    Animal bedding
International certifications & guarantees

Quality products you can trust

As a leading supplier of certified pellet fuel, compost, biomass wood fuel, landscape barks and more, we guarantee our products are of the highest quality. 

We have a range of certifications from New Zealand and International regulators. These certifications guarantee our products are of the highest grade and our manufacturing processes are at internationally recognised standards.

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