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Health and safety is our obligation

At Azwood, health and safety is paramount to our business's success. It is our responsibility to ensure that our workers remain safe and healthy while performing their duties which is why we prioritise the health and safety of our workers. We have rigorous health and safety procedures in place to minimise risks associated with the work we do. Our workers are trained and instructed on how to follow health and safety protocols so that they’re always working in the safest possible environment.

We consider safety to be everyone's responsibility. All employees at Azwood are trained to recognise potential hazards and are required to report any incidents to management immediately. Health and safety is not just a priority for us; it is an integral part of our core values. We pledge to continually improve our health and safety measures to ensure that our employees, machinery, equipment, and environment remain safe at all times.

The team at Azwood engage actively in Safe Behaviour Observations (SBOs) a technique used to identify and correct unsafe behaviours which allows us to proactively monitor and assess for risk, skills, training and for productivity opportunities. 

Azwood’s health and safety procedures assist in addressing our responsibility under the Health & Safety at Work act 2015.

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Health and safety

Equipment and machinery

We recognise that our machinery and equipment play a vital role in ensuring our workers' safety. Regular maintenance, servicing, and safety checks are crucial to our health and safety management strategy, and we adhere to these procedures carefully.

Our equipment regularly undergoes routine inspections to identify any potential hazards. If any issues are identified, our team works on them promptly to ensure that the equipment is safe to use at all times.

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Health and safety

Azwood and the environment

Our commitment to safe working environments extends beyond our workers, machinery, and equipment. We proactively engage in practices that reduce our impact on the environment. We recognise that we have a responsibility to minimise our impact and operate sustainably.

Our team takes all necessary precautions when handling hazardous materials and substances to ensure that they are handled with the utmost care for the safety of ourselves and our customers.

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Record keeping processes

We’ve established a systemised process of communication and participation of all workers at Azwood to ensure all information regarding health and safety is openly discussed, investigated, actioned, and learned from.

Workers help us by:

  • 01

    Quickly identifying hazards and assessing risks

  • 02

    Making decisions about ways to eliminate or minimise risks

  • 03

    Making decisions about the adequacy of our health and safety facility

  • 04

    Deciding on appropriate worker participation practices

This involves:

  • 01

    Regularly sharing information on health and safety with our workers

  • 02

    Allowing our workers to express their views, raise work health and safety issues, and contribute to decision-making processes

  • 03

    Taking into account the views of workers

  • 04

    Advising workers of the outcome of any discussions and decisions

  • 05

    If necessary, involving health and safety representatives in our discussions

We proactively:

  • 01

    Induct all workers to our workplace

  • 02

    Provide relevant information and training specific to the health and safety risks for the work being undertaken

  • 03

    Ensure workers have an opportunity to participate in health and safety by attending regular health and safety meetings

  • 04

    Hold regular health and safety meetings with management, workers and representatives

  • 05

    Agree as a group on any required actions and document these in health and safety meetings

  • 06

    Distribute and make all health and safety meeting outcomes available to workers

Worker qualifications

Building a Health and Safety culture

At Azwood, we ensure all workers are sufficiently competent to do their work safely or are supervised by a competent person. If we are working with contractors, we ensure all contractors are sufficiently competent and hold the relevant qualifications for the work they are engaged to carry out. 

We ensure all workers receive adequate and readily understandable information, training, instruction, and supervision relevant to the work they are doing. Workers are trained in the safe use of plant, machinery and equipment, including the use and maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

We maintain a record of worker training documentation and competency on our Training Plan & Register.

Our supervisors must complete a HazardCo Practical Steps Course or equivalent to ensure they are competent in health and safety management. 

In any event (accident or incident) where training has been identified as a factor contributing to the event will be proactively documented, investigated, actioned, raised, and discussed at health and safety meetings.

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