Trademark definitions

A trademark is a feature which is used commercially on or in association with goods or services. It indicates their origin and distinguishes them from the same or similar goods or services offered by other traders. Sometimes a trademark is referred to as a “brand”. It can be a word, phrase, letter, logo, picture, or even a jingle or colour or any combination of these.

Unregistered trademarks are often shown by the symbol ™ whilst registered trademarks are shown by the symbol ®. Trademarks are important in business because they indicate the origin and hence the quality of the goods or services. They are an intangible commercial asset of the owner and are often a very valuable asset.

Trademark list

The following is a list of trademarks owned by Azwood Limited. This list is updated regularly. The absence of a particular trademark from this list does not mean that Azwood Limited does not own the trademark.

  • Azwood® (word) New Zealand | Classes: 1, 4, 31, 35

  • Azwood® (logo) New Zealand | Classes: 1, 4, 31, 35

  • Azwood™ (word) Australia | Classes: 1, 4, 31, 35

  • Azwood™ (logo) Australia | Classes: 1, 4, 31, 35

  • Firetime® (word) New Zealand | Class: 4

  • Onfire® (word) New Zealand | Class: 4

  • Resourcefuel® (word) New Zealand | Class: 4, 35

  • Bioss™ (word) New Zealand | Class: 35

  • Black Forrest® (word) New Zealand | Class: 31

  • Premo® (word) New Zealand | Class: 31

  • Flourish® (word) New Zealand | Class: 4

  • Bounce® Bark (word) New Zealand | Class: 31

  • Fishgro® (word) New Zealand | Class: 1

Azwood's Trademarks

Azwood’s trademarks distinguish their goods and services from those of traders in the field and indicate their products and services are of high quality. Azwood has selected its trademarks with care and effort to ensure they are distinctive and appealing to their customers. Azwood’s brands are a valuable asset and it has carefully protected them. It reserves all rights of ownership of all its intellectual property including its trademarks.

When using Azwood’s trademarks, you must ensure you are entitled to use them and you must use them properly. This will assist us in maintaining the integrity of our branding strategy. The guidelines below set out the proper way to use trademarks.

General Trademark usage information

You must not use any trademark belonging to Azwood. These include all trademarks set out in Schedule A. Use of Azwood’s trademark could result in a breach of trademark law, common law and result in an action or actions for infringement. Azwood will pursue action for breach of its intellectual property rights.

It may be permissible to mention Azwood’s brands in reference to Azwood’s goods/services or when describing compatibility with your own goods/services. Permission should be gained from Azwood prior to such use.

If you wish to use any of Azwood’s trademarks under licence, please contact Azwood to discuss the licence application process.

Third parties may wish to communicate their products/services are compatible with Azwood’s products/services. Wording such as “for”, “designed to be used with”, “compatible with”, “runs on”, “runs with” may be acceptable. For example, it may be acceptable to use the wording;

“Our pellet burners are designed to use Azwood® pellets.

Please contact Azwood for approval and advice prior to using any such terms.

Proper use of Trademarks

To ensure correct use of Azwood names and trademark symbols, follow these guidelines. For correct spelling and formatting see the attached Trademark Schedule A.

  • Always refer to a trademark using the correct spelling and capitalization. Do not alter the trademark in any way.

  • Always use a trademark as an adjective and not as a noun.

  • Use trademarks as adjectives prior to a common descriptor if necessary. The descriptors can be found in Schedule A

  • Include the trademark symbol TM or R depending on the status.

  • When referring to Azwood as the company rather than the brand, do not include any trademark symbol.

  • Do not use a trademark in a plural form.

  • In any material that mentions an Azwood trademark you must include the correct attribution statement, such as: BOUNCE BARK ® is the registered trademark of Azwood or its affiliates.

  • Do not use Azwood trademarks to make false or misleading statements about Azwood.

  • Any use of Azwood trademarks must not be defamatory, libelous or disparaging of any products, services or persons.

  • Unless you have express written permission, you must not use Azwood trademarks that directly or indirectly express or imply Azwood approval, certification, sponsorship or endorsement of any of your products or services nor must you indicate Azwood products are in any manner associated with your products or services.

  • When using any Azwood trademark you must not mislead or confuse the public as to the origin of the goods/services. This includes use of trademarks on products as well as in advertising and marketing material including use digitally and in physical form.

  • You must not indicate your products or services are associated with Azwood.


If you have any questions about these guidelines please contact Azwood.

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