Why choose Azwood pellet fuel

Repurposing residues into wood pellet fuel

We work with local industries to repurpose wood residues to manufacture pellet fuels and other sustainable products. 

We believe in being resourceful and making the most of what we've been given. This means we're helping reduce landfill waste, keep waterways clean, and stop wood residues from littering the environment.

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A clean energy solution

Pellet fuel for home heating

The Azwood® range of certified wood pellet fuel is a renewable resource derived from natural wood residues that would otherwise end up in dumpsites or landfills. Pellet fuel is carbon-neutral and has fewer emissions than other fuels because of its low moisture and high energy output, making it cleaner for the environment.

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What I really like about Azwood® pellets is that there is very little ash. The remaining ash goes into the compost, which is also good for the environment. The pellets burn well and put out a lot of heat. It’s so easy to go to a big box store, grab a couple of bags, and you’re set.

Wayne McCarthy

Azwood® pellet fuel user

Home Owner

New Zealand’s highest-grade wood pellets

ENplus® A1 Certified

We’re New Zealand's first and only manufacturer to achieve ENplus® A1 - the world's highest standard for wood pellet fuel. 

This certification guarantees every batch of pellet fuel made meets the strict criteria during the manufacturing process and ensures our customers get a clean hot burn out of every bag.

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How Azwood pellets are made

Azwood’s pellet fuel is made from untreated wood residues collected from New Zealand forestry and local sawmills.

The wood resides are then dried and pressed to create the final product. A golden-coloured wood pellet with a pleasant pine smell.

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When you buy an Azwood certified product

Quality is guaranteed

With our expertise and certification processes, you can trust that Azwood products are made to the highest quality standards. 

You’re also accessing a circular economy and supporting your local community when you purchase our products.

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How to get Azwood pellet fuel

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