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Recycling natural resources for a better future

We believe in being resourceful and making the most of what we've been given; recycling natural resources, keeping waterways clean and caring for our environment. 

All our products are made from repurposed wood residues that would otherwise end up in dump sites or landfills.

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Giving wood residues another purpose

Our commitment to sustainability

We’re committed to being environmentally responsible and creating a world where we give natural waste another purpose. 

Sustainability is central to everything we do. From sourcing materials, managing production processes, and working closely with suppliers and partners.

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More state sector organisations and schools will be supported to switch to clean energy as part the Government's plan for a carbon neutral public sector by 2025. Wood energy does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Organisations can reduce their greenhouse gas footprint by switching to wood energy.


New Zealand Government

Partner with Azwood

We help you reach your environmental goals

We help early childhood, primary schools, secondary schools, and tertiary education providers.

We offer a range of renewable wood fuel, compost, playground surfacing, and landscape supplies based on your needs.

Renewable energy wood fuel

  • 01

    Make the switch to renewable energy

  • 02

    Hit your ESG targets

  • 03

    Heat your classrooms with carbon-neutral wood fuel energy

  • 04

    Support climate change initiatives

  • 05

    Protect the environment and contribute towards a circular economy

Natural bark and wood-based products

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    Natural playground surfacing for eco-friendly play areas

  • 02

    Certified playground bark made from repurposed New Zealand forestry residues

  • 03

    Teach your students sustainable growing methods with Azwood® compost

  • 04

    Improve your school gardens and aesthetics with premium landscaping barks

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    Make your students proud by using natural and sustainable alternatives

Azwood® product range for education partners

  • Renewable energy - wood fuel
    View the range of wood fuel options that would best suit your needs
    Wood fuel range
  • Playground surfacing
    View the range of certified playground surfacing options available
    Playground surfacing range
  • Landscaping barks & mulch
    Looking to add some aesthetic to your school grounds?
    Landscaping barks & mulch range
  • Compost
    Creating a new school garden for your students to learn sustainable growing methods?
    Compost range
When you buy an Azwood® certified product

Quality is guaranteed

We have a range of certifications from New Zealand and International regulators. These certifications guarantee our products are high quality and our manufacturing processes are of the highest standard.

Azwood® certificationsSupply guarantees
Commercial pellet fuel
Case study

Ara Institute warms up with wood pellets

“The reduced downtime and reduction in maintenance costs is a game-changer for us, as they allow the boiler to run on its automatic settings, with just the standard daily ash clearance being cleaned up easily with a small shovel. In the time we have been burning Azwood wood pellets, we haven’t had to shut down the boiler for clinker clearing, maintenance or otherwise, which is a significant cost saving.” - Ara Institute of Canterbury

Read the Case Study
Playground surfacing
Case study

St Paul’s Primary students play on Bounce® Bark

“We identified we had a playground bark issue at the school that hadn’t been replaced in a couple of years which had deteriorated over time, so for health and safety reasons, we needed to upgrade. Regarding quality, we settled on Bounce® Bark because it looked robust. Once it was delivered, we were really happy with it, and it was exactly what we wanted. Azwood’s communication was great throughout the entire process, and we got all our questions answered.” - Lester Binns, St Paul's School

Watch: St Paul's Bounce® Bark story

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