Wood residues removal & post harvest services

We can suggest ways to reduce risk of contamination so once harvest is over, we can come in and clear away 100% of the slash and woody fibre that is left over.

  1. Land clearing

  2. Onsite grinding and chipping

  3. Off-site removal

  4. Environmental and safety controls and completion reports

  5. Steep and flat terrain retrieval services

  6. Waterway clearing and post op surface flow management.

  7. Soil stabilisation and re-establishing soil organic matter on bare earth surfaces

Post-op residue removal

With skid design optimisation

When involved from the harvest planning stage, our forestry operations team can work with forest managers and owners on things like skid design, temporary retention benches, live “grab & go options, and post op measures so we can effectively come and retrieve those residues while the harvesting crews are still working, or help manage the safe storage until full removal at Post Op. 

We can help with:

  • Efficient cost effective residue extraction

  • Environmental and safety controls and Completion Reports

  • Risk and hazard identification with effective controls for managing slash and residues

  • Worker management, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), and Safe Behaviour Observation (SBO)

Slash clean-up, full product removal

During harvest

If set up correctly, Azwood is able to efficiently clear skid sites during harvest, resulting in a reduction or complete removal of offcuts and slash disposal on temporary benching. This streamlined process facilitates a more effective clean-up, ultimately saving both time and monetary resources.

Furthermore, the clearing of these sites during harvest allows Azwood to reclaim a greater amount of slash residue before it becomes contaminated, as fresh slash is easier to manage, maintain, and repurpose. This allows us to efficiently remove a higher volume of the material and give back more of the land for replanting

4 ways Azwood helps you save

  • 01

    When involved at the time of Harvest Planning we can help save you costs by ensuring there is less need for over engineering and ground disturbance, such as minimal temporary slash benching for retaining harvest residues. This can also eliminate double handling of slash or end-hauling it to different locations on site.

  • 02

    The re-establishment of 100% of ground returned for the replanting of productive use that will remain stable. Also with the manufacturing processes that Azwood engages in may allow the on-site production of natural soil organic matter for the re-establishment of disturbed ground and bare earth areas.

  • 03

    Azwood offers a complete solution to mitigate and manage slash risk saving our clients valuable time and money that could otherwise be spent engaging in multiple contracts.

  • 04

    Non-compliant sites can be a risk to your finances and investment. Restorative costs are likely to be higher in the case of an environmental mishap than proactive and “on the go” management of residues before, through-out, and immediately following the forest harvest program. Full removal from site of residues will also eliminate any need for follow-up or on-going management costs.

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