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Delivering clean, renewable wood energy

In New Zealand, we have millions of hectares of forestry that has been sustainably planted for harvesting. Our commercial wood fuel products are sourced and manufactured from the left over wood residues that come from these forests so there is no shortage of supply. 

Whether it's for large energy requirements, process energy, or smaller capacity boilers, commercial wood fuel is renewable, efficient, and offers incredible cost savings.

Why Azwood

Benefits of biomass wood fuel for industrial heating

  • A cost-effective energy solution
  • Hit your ESG targets
  • Energy security with an unlimited supply
  • Carbon neutral and reduced emissions
  • Divert wood waste from landfills
  • Contribute towards a circular economy
  • Use renewable and sustainable resources
  • Support the New Zealand economy and local businesses

Repurposing natural waste for a greener tomorrow

We provide an environmental clean up service of forestry residues, where we collect and manufacture wood residues into natural products such as biomass wood fuel.

Million Tons

Of waste goes to landfill every year

Thousand m3

Of forestry slash & other waste Azwood diverts from landfills every year

Million KG's

Of CO2 saved from fossil fuels from Azwood repurposing residues since 2004

Our commitment to the environment


We’ve made it our responsibility to make the most of wood residues that are already available to us in New Zealand. Helping reduce the effects of forestry slash on the environment and repurposing it to make clean, green energy.  

When we burn wood, it releases the same amount of carbon into the atmosphere it absorbed when it was growing. Making it carbon neutral.

Our commitment to sustainability

Wood energy does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Organisations can reduce their greenhouse gas footprint by switching to wood energy.


New Zealand Government

How Azwood helps you

Accomplish your wood energy goals

How our team can help you through the process of determining your needs to accomplish your wood energy goals.

• Switching from fossil fuels to biomass wood fuel
• Boiler conversions
• Installing a wood fuel boiler
• Industrial heating solutions
• Space heating requirements

Wood fuel products for commercial heating

Azwood has a range of certified quality wood fuel options to choose from; industrial wood chip fuel, biomass hog fuel, and high-energy wood pellet fuel, all sourced from our forestry partners within New Zealand and manufactured here in the South Island.

Accreditation you can trust

International certifications

When you buy our wood fuel products, you can trust that they are made to the highest quality standards. 

International certifications such as ENplus® A1 and ISO standards guarantee the quality of these products.

Azwood's certificationsSupply guarantees

Our commercial wood energy partners

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Answers to your questions


  • What are some benefits to switching to wood fuel?

  • How to hit ESG targets by switching to renewable wood energy

  • Are there supply chain concerns?

  • How does Azwood address quality issues with wood fuel?

  • How to choose the right fuel type for a commercial boiler?

  • Understanding wood fuel quality.

  • Are you finding clinker in your boiler?

  • How is biomass wood fuel carbon neutral?

  • Read more FAQ's.

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