This process benefits forestry managers and land owners while simultaneously providing a vital public service by reducing environmental impacts, like landslips, forest fires, and contaminated waterways.

Azwood aims to work with companies from the Harvest Planning stage to help manage these risks effectively, offer our expertise in skid design, ensure we can give back 100% of the productive land for replanting, and offer a certificate of completion to compliance standards at the closing of a job.

Thanks to our comprehensive fleet of specialty trucks and machinery, we are uniquely positioned to offer a one-stop solution to mitigate and manage slash risk. This streamlined approach saves our clients valuable time and money that would otherwise be spent engaging multiple contracts to fulfil the necessary work.

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Azwoods commitment to…

  • Stabilizing of Forestry sites quickly & effectively

  • Using 100% of the residues we collect

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4 ways Azwood helps you save

  • 01

    When involved at the time of Harvest Planning we can help save you costs by ensuring there is less need for over engineering and ground disturbance, such as minimal temporary slash benching for retaining harvest residues. This can also eliminate double handling of slash or end-hauling it to different locations on site.

  • 02

    The re-establishment of 100% of ground returned for the replanting of productive use that will remain stable. Also with the manufacturing processes that Azwood engages in may allow the on-site production of natural soil organic matter for the re-establishment of disturbed ground and bare earth areas.

  • 03

    Azwood offers a complete solution to mitigate and manage slash risk saving our clients valuable time and money that could otherwise be spent engaging in multiple contracts.

  • 04

    Non-compliant sites can be a risk to your finances and investment. Restorative costs are likely to be higher in the case of an environmental mishap than proactive and “on the go” management of residues before, through-out, and immediately following the forest harvest program. Full removal from site of residues will also eliminate any need for follow-up or on-going management costs.

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