How our journey began

An idea that left nothing to waste

Our story began with our founder inspired by the disciplined nature of his father’s construction business. They ran a tight ship, with everything noted, documented, and nothing left to waste.

This planted a seed in our founder’s mind. Instead of seeing waste as a burden, he chose to harness it’s potential, to change the status quo and make a sustainable business.

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Our mission

From landfill to sustainable resources

At the heart of our company mission to enhance the environment by harnessing natural residues, lies a genuine concern for wastefulness. This concern was awakened when our founder was confronted with the sight of discarded wood waste, dumped and unutilised.

After witnessing countless dumpsites filled with sawdust and wood waste, he had a brilliant idea. What if he could divert these wood residues and repurpose them?

Slowly, but surely this vision has materialised, with Azwood repurposing forestry residues and other industry waste to embody the principles of a true circular economy.

Azwood's circular economyAzwood's landfill diversion model

Resourcefulness is at the heart of our success

Our pursuit of landfill diversion and our unwavering commitment to innovation and resourcefulness sets Azwood apart.

We believe in being resourceful and making the most of what we’ve been given.

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Our journey to a more sustainable future

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