Our circular economy

We repurpose wood residues for good

As part of our contribution towards a circular economy, we help organisations by providing environmental clean-up services and using the wood residues we collect to manufacture natural products. 

We believe in being resourceful and making the most of what we've been given. Positively impacting the environment, keeping waterways clean, and stopping wood residues from littering the environment. 

More about Azwood

Repurposing natural residues for a greener tomorrow

What we do

With our experience, expertise, and deep understanding of the repurposing process, we’re able to divert natural waste from landfills and give natural wood waste another purpose.

We work closely with local businesses by helping them repurpose other natural waste products such as sawdust, shavings, manures and fungi, animal bi-products, and green waste.

Sustainability at Azwood

The benefits of working with Azwood

  • Generational expertise, knowledge, and trust

    To create consistent-high quality products from repurposed wood residues

  • Inhouse experts, the Azwood team helps you

    Determine the right product to achieve your goals and needs

  • Accredited products

    Certified processes to guarantee product quality

  • Diverting forestry residues and slash

    From landfills and reducing risks of environmental hazards

  • Supply guarantees

    We have the logistics in place to deliver on time and to specification

  • Strong relationships with our partners

    We're here when you need us

  • Quality service issue resolution

    If there's a problem, we investigate it thoroughly and provide a solution

  • Sustainably minded

    To us, sustainability is resourcefulness

Our purpose

Creating a low emissions circular economy

We repurpose untreated forestry residues to help reduce emissions and create a circular economy.

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Our why

Repurposing natural resources for a better future

We believe in being resourceful and making the most of what we’ve been given.

Positively impacting the environment by repurposing industry waste to create sustainable, natural products.

Our why

Supporting local organisations

With Azwood® products and services

We work with a range of different industries throughout New Zealand, from forestry to local government, horticulture, and more, to provide high-value sustainable products and services.

You’re accessing a circular economy and supporting your local community when you partner with us.

Our capabilitiesSupply guarantees
  • Commercial wood energy
    Our industrial wood fuel products are a carbon-neutral and renewable alternative to fossil fuels.
    Commercial wood fuel
  • Soil health
    Our composts, potting mixes, and other growing medias offer natural alternatives for New Zealand growers across the South Island.
    Soil health
  • Stock pellet fuel
    We supply retailers across New Zealand to help homeowners heat their homes with our range of certified wood pellet fuel brands.
    Pellet fuel retail
  • Landscape materials
    We offer a range of landscape materials, wood-based certified playground surfacing, and bark-based natural odour control and rain garden mixes.
    Landscaping supplies
  • Forestry services
    We partner with local forestry to provide full-service clean-up services which helps save costs, mobilise debris, and quickly regenerate forests.
    Forestry services
  • Animal bedding
    Our animal bedding range provides farmers a high quality wood-based, natural alternative.
    Animal bedding
Our commitment to the environment


At Azwood, we’re committed to being environmentally responsible and creating a world where we give natural waste another purpose. 

Sustainability is central to everything we do. From sourcing materials, managing production processes, and working closely with suppliers and partners.

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Accreditation you can trust

Internationally certified products

When you buy our certified products, you can trust that they are made to the highest quality standards.

Many of our products go through international certification processes. We have products certified by BioGro®, ENplus®, Control Union Germany, and more.

Azwood® accreditations

Some interesting facts

  • Did you know we repurpose our own waste?

  • Our wood fuel is carbon neutral

  • We source waste products from other local NZ companies

  • We've created a unique landfill diversion model

  • We contribute to a circular economy

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