Sustainability to us is resourcefulness

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    Our ability to create a circular economy

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    Our landfill diversion model

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    Our environmental responsibility

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    Our sustainable future as a company

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    Joining our partners on their sustainable journey

An idea that left nothing to waste

Our journey

Azwood’s sustainability journey started with our founder’s innovative mindset that wood residues from the construction industry no longer needed to be destined for landfills.

Our journey started with a brilliant idea.

How our journey began

Repurposing industry waste

Our approach

Azwood partners with industries across New Zealand to repurpose their untreated wood and organic waste creating a closed-loop circular economy.

We support our commercial partners with NZ-sourced, natural products that help them on their sustainability journey. 

Our sustainability approach

Thinking sustainably

Our commitment

We believe in being resourceful and making the most of what we've been given.

We’re always looking for ways to manage resources and do what we can to help other organisations on their sustainability journey and access a circular economy.

Our commitmentOur why


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