When you buy an Azwood certified product

Quality is guaranteed

When you buy an approved, certified, or guaranteed product from Azwood, you can be confident it has gone through a rigorous manufacturing process.

We have a range of certifications from New Zealand and International regulators. Each of our certified products goes through regular audits, assessments, and batch testing. This helps to guarantee the integrity of our manufacturing processes and the authenticity of our products.

Supply guarantees

Made from wood residues, carbon neutral

Our Made from wood residues, carbon neutral stamp guarantees you’re getting a carbon neutral wood fuel product made from wood residues.

This means you are joining us on our mission to enhance the environment by harnessing natural residues.

University of Otago wood fuel case studyWatch: What are wood residues?

ENplus® A1

We’re New Zealand's first and only manufacturer to achieve ENplus® A1 - the world's highest standard for wood pellet fuel.  

Every batch of wood pellets is tested for durability, quality and density for a cleaner, hotter burn.

This certification guarantees our pellet fuel is of the highest grade and ensures our manufacturing processes are of the highest standard.

Heatstore, ENplus® case studyWatch: Azwood's ENplus® A1 audit

Made from wood residues, sustainable

Our Made from wood residues, sustainable stamp guarantees you’re getting a sustainable bark, compost, or potting mix product made from repurposed wood residues.

This means you are joining us on our mission to enhance the environment by harnessing natural residues.

Elliot's Nursery, potting mix case studyThomas Bros Orchard, compost case study

BioGro® Organic

Our organic compost products are certified by BioGro® - the largest organic certifier in New Zealand. 

BioGro® guarantees organic certification and requires international organic regulations to be met annually through a full certification process (USDA, JAS, COR, EU, etc.).

Accolade, organic compost case study

New Zealand has no laws protecting how the word 'organic' is used. The BioGro® logo on an organic product is an assurance that it is genuine and that every input used in the production of organic products has been assessed, tested and controlled to align with organic values and integrity.

Luca Fant


BioGro® New Zealand


Playground surfacing

Childhood education centres and local government need to meet certain safety requirements. The NZS 5828:2015 guarantees the use of safe materials, including playground surfacing.

Azwood's playground surfacing meets the NZS 5828:2015 standards.

  • Ensuring the environment you’re setting up for children is safe.

  • Natural playground surfacing encourages healthy play outdoors.

  • It also strengthens immune systems and fosters a lifelong love of nature.

Delta, playground surfacing case study
Council Approved

Natural technical media

Azwood’s natural media for technical projects, like biofiltration for wastewater treatment facilities and bioretention for rain garden projects, are regularly used and approved by councils throughout New Zealand. 

If you’re looking for sustainable and alternative solutions to water management in your region, Azwood creates custom solutions to meet your specific needs, depending on the requirements and location.

Mangere, biofiltration case studyTasman Council, bioretention case study

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