Removing slash from the forest

As part of our circular economy, Azwood works with forestry operations on environmental cleanup of slash in post-op projects and uses the residues collected to manufacture natural products. The environmental benefits of working with Azwood help save costs, support sustainable forestry post-operations cleanup and helps mitigate the risks associated with climate change because of forests' crucial role in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by sequestration of carbon by the trees and in soil sinks.

Azwood works with all different types of industries throughout New Zealand to provide high-value, environmentally sustainable natural products. We help consumers and organisations alike access a circular economy when they partner with or purchase Azwood’s products.  

The forest operations team at Azwood have the experience and machinery onsite to collect slash removing it completely from the forest. Azwood offers a true one-stop shop when it comes to post-op forestry cleanup, which helps save costs.  

Slash removal means concentrations of logging debris is cleared from the landings and cut-over sites, taking away the risk of slash mobilisation which reduces the need for the excessive ongoing management of that land.

In addition, Azwood can leave behind the nutritious organic fines from the residue collection process to enhance and protect soils and provide valuable growing media for new plantings.

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Azwood aims to take 100% of the residues

Alternative post-op clean up partners will typically only retrieve residue reached from the skid site surfaces. The Azwood team have the skills and experience to remove slash residue from landings and cut over safely, including steep terrain.

Being able to take 100% of the residues means nothing is left behind when it’s returned to the forest managers. Clearing these sites means forest managers can plant and regenerate the forest sustainably, allowing new vegetation to grow quickly leading to better overall forest health and a decrease in insect infestations and spread of tree diseases. 

Residues left over can also end up as landfill waste. Azwood adds value to this waste and uses it to replenish the land or in the production of wood energy.   

Repurposing wood residues into natural products

The slash and residues removed by Azwood are given another purpose. The residues are ground down several times and turned into natural products like compost, wood fuel, landscaping bark, certified barks, and natural media for odour control.

Azwood best practices when managing risk

Azwood has trained staff in forestry & enviro practices that know the industry standards and what is required when a project begins. Azwood staff go through inductions yearly for large estate forests and any new forest projects we have operations in.  

This includes;

  • Environmental and safety controls

  • Risk identification and control management

  • Worker Induction & Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

  • Safe Behaviour Observation (SBO)

Environmental sustainability is vital to Azwood’s business model, business strategy, and brand and is a key part of the decision-making processes. We believe that acting sustainably is the right thing to do for our environment and our partners. It also supports Azwood’s long-term sustainability investments.

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Reducing risk of

  • Forest fires

  • Contaminated waterways

  • Land erosion

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