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Repurposing natural residues for good

All Azwood products, including our commercial compost and potting mixes, are made from natural wood residues that would otherwise end up in dump sites or landfills.

As part of a circular economy, we provide environmental cleanup services and use the wood residues we collect to manufacture natural products. We are helping growers improve the conditions of their soils for sustainable growth.

Why Azwood
Our commitment to the environment


At Azwood, we are committed to being environmentally responsible and creating a world where we give natural waste another purpose. 

Sustainability is central to everything we do. From sourcing materials, managing production processes, and working closely with suppliers and partners.

Sustainability at Azwood

Improving soils for a better future

Azwood is your soil health partner

  • Tailored solutions for all your large-scale growing needs

  • Quality growing media made for commercial applications

  • Full access to our spreading application partners and spreader unit rentals

  • Bulk delivery options available throughout the South Island

  • Schedule direct pick up from our Nelson Tasman yard

Offering a range of commercial products to meet your needs

  • BioGro Organic certified compost free from chemicals, herbicides, sprays, and fungicides
  • Mulch options for weed suppression and moisture retention
  • Custom potting mix for seedlings and germination
  • Blend your organic waste; grape marc or other grower's waste and repurpose these residues into compost
Accreditation you can trust

International certifications

Many of our compost products are organically certified through BioGro. The BioGro-Certified symbol guarantees organic certification, which requires international organic regulations to be met through a full organic certification process (USDA, JAS, COR, EU, etc.).

BioGro Organic certificationSupply guarantees

The BioGro logo is an assurance that it’s genuine and that every input used in the production of organic products has been rigorously assessed, tested and controlled to align with organic values and integrity.

Luca Fant


BioGro New Zealand

Healthy soil mixes for commercial planting

We repurpose natural materials such as sawdust from sawmills, manures and fungi, animal bi-products, and green waste. These ingredients form the base of our commercial soil mixes and provide a nutrient-rich foundation for growing.

Potting mix rangePeach Island Nursery uses a custom mix

Looking to purchase at a smaller scale?

Find a retailer

Our products are available at retailers across the South Island. Use the interactive map to find a retailer that stocks Azwood products near you.

Find a retailer

How the team at Azwood helps you

Find the right soil health solution for your goals

How we help you through the process of choosing the right commercial growing media for your soil health goals and growing needs.

Rebuild your soil health

Here in New Zealand, we’ve been farming for generations. And we need more from our soils than ever before. Composting is one of the best ways to rebuild soil health. It's also the best way to sustain and enhance soils for future generations.

Here are the benefits of a commercial compost application to rebuild your soil health.

  • 01

    Enhanced crop quality for taste, size and nutritional value

  • 02

    Improved soil fertility by adding essential nutrients and organic matter

  • 03

    Promote crop health with reduced plant diseases and pests

  • 04

    Improve soil moisture and water retention to plants

  • 05

    Natural alternatives to fertilisers and harmful chemicals for suppressing weeds

Compost is a natural product that supports the microbiology in the soil. The benefits of compost application go well beyond the nutrient value. It improves soil structure and function, leading to better plant health and performance.

Lachy Hynd

Soil Health Consultant

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