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From forestry residues to compostable bedding

We sustainably repurpose natural wood residues from New Zealand to create a range of products. 

Our animal bedding is cost-effective and provides healthy, safe and environmentally friendly bedding for your animals.

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Repurposing resources already available to us

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we provide clean-up services to the forestry industry. We repurpose the residues we collect and make a range of products, including animal bedding, wood chips and bark blends.

Our commitment to Sustainability

A range of bedding options

Wood-based animal bedding

We offer top-quality animal bedding that is healthy and safe for your animals. Our animal bedding range is made up of different grades of wood chip and sawdust and is 100% natural.

Looking for a custom solution?

At Azwood, we work closely with farmers to create a range of animal bedding that prioritises quality and animal comfort. If you’re looking for a customised bedding mix, talk to us about our made-to-order blends.

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As a freight contractor, we supply Azwood® bedding to local farmers. Our customers are happy with the consistency and quality of the range. Azwood’s customer service team are friendly and efficient, and we happily recommend them.


Local Supplier

Sollys Contracting

Case study
Case study

Dairy farmers, Raine Farms uses Barnmatt

Dairy Farmers at Raine Farms wanted a better solution as a base layer for their barn. Barnmatt is an eco-friendly bedding option for wintering and composting barns and calf sheds. 

“We're really impressed with the absorbency of Barnmatt from the sawdust and shavings blend. It is exactly what we were after. Bloody good.” – Peter, Raine Farms

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