Our mission

Who we are

Our mission is to enhance the environment by harnessing natural residues.

We have an overriding value of CARE for everything we do. That means caring for:

  • Our team

  • Our customers

  • Our suppliers

  • Our equipment

  • Our environment

Our CARE values

  • Can do
    We’re a proactive, energetic team looking for new opportunities to grow, develop, and improve. We say YES!
  • Accountability
    We take ownership and responsibility for everything we do, say, and commit to ourselves.
  • Resourcefulness
    We make the most of our time, energy, and resources.
  • Enjoyment
    We enjoy what we do. We have high energy and enthusiasm to perform to the best of our abilities.

Our why

We believe in being resourceful and making the most of what we've been given. All our products are made from natural wood residues that would otherwise end up in dump sites or landfills. 

With our experience, expertise, and deep understanding of the repurposing process, we’re able to divert natural waste from landfills and give natural residues another purpose.

Why choose Azwood

Repurposing natural waste for a greener tomorrow

We provide residue clean-up services to the forestry industry and use the residues we collect to manufacture natural products. We also partner with other local industries to repurpose natural waste, wood residues, sawdust, manures, fungi, trade by-products, and green waste.

Thousand m3

Of forestry slash & other waste diverted from landfill on average per month.

Thousand m3

Of wood waste diverted from landfills every year

Million Kgs

Of C02 saved from fossil fuels through repurposing residues since 2004.

Our team

Meet the team

We are a passionate group of individuals who are committed to using our skills and talents to help Azwood achieve its goals. We believe that Azwood is a leading force in resourcefulness, and we are proud to be a part of this team.

We're on a collective mission to enhance the environment by harnessing natural residues.

Watch: Working at AzwoodCareers at Azwood
  • Caleb Hughes
    Sales Manager
  • Frank Voltolina
    Business Development Manager
  • Wanita Astle
    Customer Services Manager
  • Bryce Senior
    Key Account Manager
  • Ruth Ricketts
    Customer Service
  • Matilda Doak
    Customer Service
  • Matt Port
    Logistics and Operations Coordinator
  • Andrew Neru
    Marketing Team Leader
  • Abbie Taylor
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Garth Buck
    General Manager of Operations
  • Jack Redward
    Bulk Fuels Manufacturing Manager
  • Glenn Allison
    Eves Site Manufacturing Manager
  • Johan Visscher
    Forest Operations & Production Manager
  • Haley Appleby
    Finance Team Leader
  • Nilesh Goundar
    Accounts Payable Administrator
  • Sue Lowe
    Accounts Receivable Administrator
  • Mikayla Rouse
    Executive Assistant
  • Brook Brewerton
    Managing Director

Azwood's capabilities

Our products and services help businesses reduce their environmental impact by supporting a circular economy in action.

Azwood partners with a wide range of industries throughout New Zealand's most important sectors.

Our capabilities

Working with our community


We’re proud of the relationship we have with our local community and partner with organisations that share our values. 

Some of Azwood’s recent community partnerships include:

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