Azwood's forestry slash management helps to

Reduce environmental risks and improve soil heath

We partner with forestry managers and estate owners from the start of harvest to help improve the environmental outcomes, reduce risks, improve soil health and increase replanting area.

Our services assist in removing as much residue where possible, which removes environmental risk as well as reducing slash risk. The residues and slash removed are repurposed into a host of natural products such as renewable wood energy, premium landscaping barks, organic commercial compost and more.

Why choose Azwood

Azwood is your forestry partner

Our team has over 70 years of experience in harvesting operations and residue recovery. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills to facilitate safe and sustainable residue cleanup after forestry harvesting.

  • Residue / clean-up post harvest

  • Environmental controls

  • Onsite grinding & chipping services

  • Soil stabilisation & re-establish organic matter in soils

  • Land clearing

  • Steep terrain clean-up

  • Skid design optimisation for efficient residue extraction

Our service locations

Our forestry post-op services are available across a large portion of the South Island.

For other areas outside these locations, contact us for a consultation.

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Removing & repurposing forestry waste

  • Skid design and project logistics
  • Onsite griding and chipping
  • Forestry slash and residue clean up
  • Forestry slash removal services
  • In forest logistics services
  • Council managed local residue debris clean-up

How we help our forestry partners save costs

  • 01

    We stabilise or remove slash on skid sites

    We offer a complete solution to mitigate and manage slash risk

  • 02

    We reduce slash movement, instability, and risk

    This helps to keep local waterways clean and safe and helps mitigate the risks associated to climate change

  • 03

    We help you regenerate your harvest grounds quickly

    100% of the disturbed ground is returned for the productive use of replanting

  • 04

    We repurpose 100% of residues collected

    Full removal from forest sites eliminates the need for follow-ups or on-going management costs

  • 05

    We help reduce risk with our knowledge and expertise

    We can eliminate double handling of slash or end-hauling it to different locations on site

  • 06

    By dealing with residues proactively, we’re able to use more and waste less

    Restorative costs are likely to be higher in the case of an environmental mishap than proactive and “on the go” management of residues before, through-out, and immediately following the forest harvest program

  • 07

    We ensure there is less need for over engineering and ground disturbance

    This can eliminate double handling of slash or end-hauling it to different locations on site


Our Why

We believe in being resourceful and making the most of what we've been given.

All our products are made from natural wood residues that would otherwise end up in dump sites or landfills. 

With our experience, expertise, and deep understanding of the repurposing process, we’re able to divert natural wood waste from landfills and give these residues another purpose.

Our Why
Our commitment to sustainability

Repurposing forestry residues

After forest harvesting, our forestry clean-up services remove slash and bark residues that would otherwise be left on the forest floor. 

We grind and chip these residues but leave pine needles, cones, and organic matter behind. This organic matter is full of nutrients that are essential for maintaining soil health and forest regeneration.

We believe the future is in sustainability and we do what we can to be efficient and resourceful while helping our forestry partners manage their full post operations to save costs, get better results, and increase yield.

Sustainability at AzwoodWatch: What we do with residues

Rabbit Island Collaboration

A recent forestry residue clean-up collaboration in Nelson Tasman at Rabbit Island helped to:

  • Reduce compliance costs

  • Decrease environmental impact

  • Mitigate fire risk

Watch video

ECAN Canterbury Collaboration

Azwood partnered with ECAN on a full service product removal and slash clean-up in Canterbury which included:

  • Post-op slash residue recovery

  • Grinding & chipping in forest

  • Post grind transportation

Watch video

Our forestry partners

  • Local councils
  • Forest managers as collaborators
  • Forest owners
  • Sawmills & wood processors
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