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Recycling wood residues into pellet fire fuel

At Azwood, we believe in being resourceful and making the most of what we've been given. We do what we can to impact the environment positively.

Azwood sustainably repurposes New Zealand's natural wood residues to create a range of wood pellet fuel products, such as Onfire®, Firetime®, and Resourcefuel®.

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Providing sustainable solutions for decades

+ Years

Azwood has been in the energy sector

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Stock Azwood pellet fuel across New Zealand

% Increase

In pellet fuel production capacity from a newly installed pellet press in 2023.

Worlds highest standard

ENplus® A1 Certification

We’re New Zealand's first and only manufacturer to achieve ENplus® A1 - the world's highest standard for wood pellet fuel.  

This certification guarantees your customers are buying the highest quality natural wood pellets on the market.

The ENplus® A1 certification promises that every batch of Azwood’s wood pellets is tested for durability, quality, and density for a cleaner hotter burn.

Learn more about ENplus® A1Watch: Azwood's ENplus® A1 journey

The best pellet fuel on the market

  • 01

    Excellent heat production

    With high energy output and longer burn

  • 02

    ENplus® A1 certified

    The highest international certification for pellet fuel

  • 03

    Eco-friendly options

    Resourcefuel® 20kg paper bagged product

  • 04

    Bag size options

    15kg & 20kg bags

  • 05

    Carbon neutral source of energy

    Which means you're getting energy saving renewable fuel that is low in emissions

  • 06

    Low moisture content

    Less than 7.2% moisture content for easier ignition

  • 07

    Low ash content

    Averaging less than 0.29% creating a cleaner fire and a reduction in clinker build up

Pellet fuel brands

Azwood® pellet fuel is approved under pellet fire manufacturers warranty through the ENplus® A1 certification making it the best quality of pellet fuel for all standard pellet fires on the market today. Click below for a closer look at our pellet fuel brands.

How we process wood residues into pellet fuel

Repurposing industries' wood waste into clean energy

Each year, we collect 4 million tons of wood residues from sawmills, the construction industry, and pine forests across the South Island. 

Residues are separated, dried, and then compressed into wood pellets. Pellets are then tested, bagged, sealed, and sold to our retail partners - ready to heat Kiwi homes.  

How it worksOur sustainability commitment

How the team at Azwood helps you

Become an Azwood® pellet fuel supplier

How we help you through the process of becoming a pellet fuel supplier for the Azwood® range of certified pellet fuel.

Onfire® Premium 15kg

Firetime® 20kg

Resourcefuel® 20kg

Retail partners' stories

Retail partners

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