Buying a custom potting mix offers numerous benefits for growers by streamlining the process and eliminating the guesswork associated with creating in house mixes for seedlings, root trainers, container plants, big trees and propagation.

Our custom potting mixes are carefully crafted and tested by experts so growers can be assured that each batch contains a precisely balanced blend of ingredients. This predictability is invaluable in maintaining healthy and thriving plants.

When comparing the benefits of custom commercial grade potting mix, to in house potting mix, it depends on each individual situation. If you are looking to repurpose your natural waste into compost, Azwood has a range of blending media solutions such as bark fines or sawdust which is important for achieving your optimum AFP and pH levels. 

If you don’t have access to machinery or need help with curating a specialist recipe to boost your plants productivity and growth, then we recommend having a chat with our team on a custom potting mix that has been crafted for your specific needs.

If getting it right is important to you and your plants require “special treatment” read below the benefits of using Azwood’s custom potting mix for growers.

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Quality & Consistency

Variations in the composition of potting mix can lead to unpredictable plant growth and health. Quality potting mix is essential for providing the necessary support and nutrients that plants need throughout their growth cycle. Commercial growers rely on a consistent and high-quality mix to promote healthy root development, and efficient nutrient absorption. 

Potting mix consistency ensures that each plant receives the same level of nutrients, moisture retention, and aeration. This consistency is vital for maintaining a standardized growing environment across the entire crop, leading to predictable and optimized plant growth.

What goes into our commercial potting mix?

Azwood® performs quality control checks and testing of every potting mix batch to maintain product consistency and performance. 

Industry knowledge 

Azwood has been making quality, consistent potting mixes for 40+ years and has become a trusted name among growers in Nelson Tasman and Marlborough, known for delivering reliable and consistent potting mixes. 

What sets Azwood apart is the wealth of experience within its potting mix team, comprised of individuals with horticulturist backgrounds. Our team brings a deep understanding of plant needs, soil dynamics, and nutrient requirements to the table.

Through years of hands-on experimentation and continuous refinement, Azwood has honed its recipes to meet the specific demands of our local growing conditions. 

This meticulous approach ensures that each batch of potting mix produced by Azwood adheres to stringent quality standards. Growers can place their trust in Azwood not just as a provider of potting mixes but as a reliable partner with a rich history of cultivating success in the horticultural landscape of New Zealand.

Science backed recipes 

The beauty of buying custom manufactured potting mix is that each recipe has been created with specific needs in mind and has taken into consideration pH, AFP, drainage, particle size, plant species, climate, environment and so on. 

These custom potting mixes take the uncertainty out and are all formulated with various plant types in mind, resulting in a pH balance and nutrient enrichment that cater to each individual plant species. We have a recipe for everything!

This means that growers do not need to perform extensive soil testing or nutrient adjustments, saving them time and resources.

Custom to your needs

Azwood has 100+ custom potting mix recipes to suit all environments and plant species. A lot of work goes into creating custom potting mixes. 

Starting with our own in-house neutralised, aged bark-based media, we incorporate controlled-release fertilisers, wetting agents, and trace elements to provide potting mixes that will develop your plants’ root structure and produce the best possible growth patterns. Some controlled-release fertiliser brands we can offer growers are Nutricote, Polyon, Apex, Osmocote, Deltacote.

Our team will consult with you on the best recipe to meet your needs. During our assessment process, we can recommend the most effective ingredients and optimum AFP and pH levels so your plants can thrive and in turn give better ROI.

Tried and true recipes 

Hear from Appleby Fresh and Peach Island Nursery who found success using our potting mixes.

We work with growers and suppliers to ensure we provide a good commercial potting mix to suit the needs of each situation. 

Our team has also created two hop-specific recipes and constant improvement through trials and product development is the foundation of these precise GOL mixes.

Time and Labor 

Making your own potting mix can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, involving the sourcing, mixing and turning of various ingredients. Purchasing  Azwood’s custom potting mix saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks.

Azwood’s commercial potting mixes are made in bulk within 48 hours of ordering, eliminating the need to invest your time, energy and resources into creating your own. This convenience can help streamline your growing operations.

Specialised equipment

Thanks to Azwood's comprehensive fleet of specialty trucks and machinery, we are uniquely positioned to offer a range of potting mix solutions as well as delivery services

Having access to such machinery allows us to utilise natural resources, from various local industries and repurpose them in bulk to create natural wood based products such as compost and potting mixes.

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