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Peach Island Nursery, despite what their name implies, does not actually grow peaches, they do however, grow kiwifruit plants selling both privately and commercially all around NZ. 

The custom commercial growing mix used by Peach Island Nurseries is made to their specifications and requirements with an importance on having a pH level of 6.5.


Peach Island Nursery has been in business for 43 years and started out like many others in the area as tobacco growers, but when the demand decreased throughout NZ over the years they decided to try a different venture and started growing kiwifruit which lead to growing kiwifruit plants from seed to pots to your door.

They have now been in the kiwifruit nursery industry for 20 years and found a love for creating good quality plants for their customers with a reputation to prove it.

When we first started, we asked the advice of other nurseries. They recommended Azwood to us. Their product is easy to use and we love the continuity of being able to ring up each year and get the same product.


Peach Island Nursery


Growing kiwifruit plants presents several challenges, primarily centered around maintaining the required soil pH level for optimal plant growth and health. sustaining the ideal pH level can be demanding

If the pH level fluctuates, the plants may suffer from nutrient deficiencies, leading to stunted growth, yellowing of leaves, and development issues. Likewise, if the pH becomes too high or low, it may hinder nutrient absorption and cause nutrient imbalances, further affecting plant health.


As Judith mentioned to us, it has all been a learning process for them. Initially, they grew the kiwifruit plants straight into the ground but found digging them up each year and clearing the area for the next lot very time-consuming and messy, so they now grow them in their own growing bags filled with Azwood’s custom commercial growing mix. Likewise, their custom growing mix has changed and adapted throughout the years they have been with us to combat issues that have arisen.

Azwood has the expertise and capability to meet specific potting mix needs. Starting with our own in-house neutralised, aged bark-based media, we incorporate market-leading controlled-release fertilisers (where required), wetting agents and trace elements to provide potting mixes that will develop your plants’ root structure and produce the best possible growth patterns. This can be completely customised to fit the needs of the plant and our clients. 

This customised growing mix worked well for Peach Island Nurseries who had specific requirements for growing their kiwifruit plants.


This custom growing mix is made to Peach Island Nursery's specifications with importance on having a pH level of 6.5. While most growing mixes require about a 5.5-6 pH level, Azwood used pH adjustments to help increase the pH level to the customer's requirements.

The compost used is a great base due to its high microbial activity and the organic matter present to supply nutrients to the plants.

Another important factor to consider was the need for a fine growing mix to accommodate the small plants in their early growing stages. The bark chip in this mix is large enough to offer the appropriate drainage to avoid the roots rotting but fine enough for hosting small plants.

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