Our sustainable approach

Residue collection and repurposing

After forest harvesting, we provide environmental clean-up services that remove wood fibre and bark residues that would otherwise be left on the forest floor. We also work closely with the construction industry and local sawmills to repurpose their wood waste to produce our range of sustainable products.

Why Azwood

Industry waste that's repurposed

  • Sawdust and shavings
    From sawmills and wood processors
  • Untreated wood blocks and wood waste
    From the construction industry
  • Manures and fungi
    From the agriculture industry
  • Quality lumber
    From sawmills and wood processors
  • Bark, debris, and slash
    From the forestry industry
  • Trade waste and byproducts
    From other local industries
Helping you make environmentally conscious choices

Our partners and suppliers

With our forestry clean-up, there is zero risk of slash washing into waterways and risking the community and the environment. 

We support our commercial partners with New Zealand sourced, natural products that help them on their sustainability journeys and to access a circular economy.

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We work with some of the country's most important industries

  • Education, manufacturing, hospitals
    Our industrial wood fuel products are a carbon-neutral and renewable alternative to fossil fuels.
    Commercial fuels
  • Horticulture
    Our composts, potting mixes, and other growing medias offer natural alternatives for New Zealand growers across the South Island.
  • Azwood pellet fuel
    We supply retailers across New Zealand to help homeowners heat their homes with our range of certified wood pellet fuel brands.
    Stock pellet fuel
  • Civil contracting, landscaping, local government
    We offer a range of landscape materials, wood-based certified playground surfacing, and bark-based natural odour control and rain garden mixes.
    Landscaping supplies
  • Forestry services
    We partner with local forestry to provide full-service clean-up services which helps save costs, mobilise debris, and quickly regenerate forests.
    Forestry services
  • Agriculture
    Our animal bedding range provides farmers a high quality wood-based, natural alternative.
    Animal bedding

Our commitment to sustainability

Working to create a circular economy

Sustainability to us is resourcefulness and our ability to help organisations access a circular economy.

We’re always looking for new opportunities to be sustainable. Finding new ways to be resourceful, environmentally responsible and improving our products for our customers.

Some recent innovative initiatives Azwood has achieved:


Supporting the move to wood energy

Successfuel is a framework for organisations transitioning to renewable wood energy as an alternative to fossil fuels.

This empowers organisations to consider fuel alternatives that are better for the environment and help New Zealand transition to a lower carbon emissions future.

Video: Successfuel at Logan Park High

Paper packaging for wood pellet fuel

With single-use plastics being a huge concern in today's society, Azwood started to consider other alternatives.

Our customers were asking for a plastic-free alternative and we listened. So we partnered with The Warehouse to create an eco-friendly alternative to the standard pellet fuel plastic packaging.

Read the Resourcefuel® story

Our approach to a more sustainable future

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