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How big are your trucks?

We have 3 trucks that deliver locally and we know the windy roads of Nelson can sometimes make access a bit tricky, so here is a guideline:

  • Our smallest truck is about the size of a large SUV

  • Our medium truck is about the size of a Firetruck

  • Our largest truck is about the size of a concrete mixer

  • 3T Truck - Full truck load volumes

  • 7.5T Truck - Full truck load volumes

  • 11T Truck - Full truck load volumes

How much notice should I give for a delivery?

As a general rule, when booking a delivery with azwood, we aim to schedule your delivery for the next day if not the same day, however, Fridays, Mondays and leading up to holidays tend to fill up a lot faster. We are not open on weekends so deliveries need to be completed during the week.

Where does Azwood deliver to?

Our local trucks can deliver to most of the Nelson/ Tasman area and if you are beyond those boundaries and in need of our product we can arrange for external freight to deliver.

View our pick up and delivery map.

We also have retailers around the south island who sell our product. View our garden centre retailers map.

Can Azwood's trucks drive on grass?

During winter our larger trucks cannot access sites over the grass as they may get stuck or damage the paddock. This is weather dependent up to driver discretion so think ahead. It’s always a good idea to have a plan B.

Do I have to be onsite for the delivery?

No. As long as you provide us with sufficient instructions and clearly mark where you would like the product dumped, you do not have to be onsite for the delivery. 

Can I make a booking for a specific time?

When booking a delivery with Azwood our drivers manage their deliveries to ensure they are getting the most deliveries in a day and to reduce their carbon footprint by planning their route efficiently. 

While we prefer flexibility, we can book you in for a specific time, however, there is no guarantee due to traffic and other factors out of our control. 

Potting Mixes

Due to the active ingredients we put into each recipe and the customisation time required for each client, we only make potting mixes to order. Because of this, we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice when ordering. 

Find out What goes into making a custom potting mix by Azwood.

Our current schedule for potting mix deliveries is to have orders dispatched on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Please bear in mind that bulk bags take longer to deliver as we book them on external freight.

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Rest of the south

Where do you deliver to?

We will deliver to most locations, however, freight costs vary so depending on your location, the cost may not be feasible. Ask us if you are unsure and we can provide a quote. 

  • Common regions we deliver to

  • What products do you deliver?

How much notice do I need to give for a delivery?

As we work with external freight companies to deliver outside of the Nelson Tasman area. Once an order is received our logistics team liaise with them to book in the next available spot. 

Palletised freight (bulk bags or stacked pallets) – If the item you are after is in stock we can get it dispatched from our yard in 24 hours.

Bulk freight (full truck and trailer) –  We have to work with the availability of the freight trucks but as a general rule these are generally dispatched within the week.

Can I order truck only deliveries outside of Nelson Tasman?

To keep costs down and be as sustainable as we can be with our use of fuel, we like to utilize full loads for truck and trailer units. 

In some cases, we can deliver two separate customers on a truck and trailer unit but sometimes due to the location of the delivery and the logistics, this is not possible. We try to accommodate as much as possible. If you have further queries on this please get in touch with our team. 

How much can you fit on a truck?

For deliveries outside of the Nelson Tasman region, we require a minimum delivery of approx. 40m3 depending on the product and delivery location. 

Different products have different weights which means the heavier the product the less we can fit on the truck.

Delivery NZ wide

Depending on the size of your project, delivery for the rest of NZ may be possible. Some of the products we already deliver NZ wide are:

  • Biofiltration media

  • Playground surfacing

  • Bulk mulch

  • Bagged pellet fuel for retailers

*If you are a home owner wanting to purchase bags of pellet fuel for your pellet fire visit out NZ wide map to find a retailer near you.

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