A good potting mix provides plants with a balanced pH level and the controlled release of nutrients to ensure seedlings thrive throughout the growing season.

Organic matter found in potting mixes helps to increase mycorrhizal fungi and mycelium which serve important roles in our soils. They increase the surface area of roots through their symbiotic relationship with plants, helping to access water and essential nutrients. This in turn enhances plant growth and increases production.

Benefits of using commercial potting mix:
  • Retains moisture while also offering sufficient drainage.

  • Slowly releases nutrients around your plants' roots.

  • Provides enough air for growing roots.

  • Supports your plant without compacting.

Did you know?

With 100+ potting mix recipes, we can help you find a commercial potting mix to suit the needs of your growing environment and plants. 

A lot of work goes into creating custom potting mixes. 

Starting with our own in-house neutralised, aged bark-based media, we incorporate controlled-release fertilisers, wetting agents, and trace elements to provide potting mixes that will develop your plants’ root structure and produce the best possible growth patterns.

You can choose from a range of peat, pumice, and coir fibre to add to the base media. Our team will consult with you to design a recipe to meet your key needs.

During our assessment process, we can help you find your most effective controlled-release fertilisers, pH, AFP, and trace elements so your plants can thrive and in turn give better ROI.

What goes into our commercial potting mix?

  • Controlled Release Fertiliser (CRF)

    An advanced fertiliser that releases a controlled amount of nutrition over a specific period of time.

  • Trace Elements such as:

    Boron (B) for cell development, Chlorine (Cl) for photosynthesis, Copper (Cu) metabolizes, nitrogen, Iron (Fe) for Chlorophyll, Zinc (Zn) for Enzymes

  • pH Adjustments

    pH affects how plants absorb nutrients. Every Variety and grower will have an optimum pH level which we can help you achieve.

  • Wetting Agents

    A granule that helps water penetrate the roots and improves soil's ability to absorb and retain moisture.

  • Starter Fertiliser

    Great for measured fertilisation right at the start when potting your plants.

  • Root health products

    Good root health assists plants to reach their genetic potential and allows growers to yield maximum returns.

Hops Potting Mix

We work with growers and suppliers to ensure we provide a good commercial potting mix to suit the needs of each situation. Constant improvement through trials and product development is the foundation of our precise GOL mixes and our team has come up with two hop-specific recipes.

  • Standard GOL hops potting mix

  • Premium GOL hops potting mix

Made to order

A quality potting mix takes time to blend. Due to the active ingredients we put into each recipe and the customisation time required for each client, we only make commercial potting mixes to order. Because of this, we require a minimum of 48 hours' notice when ordering.


What next?

Once your seedlings have grown and are ready to plant you may be thinking of applying compost to your soils

Compost naturally supplies a significant amount of nutrient value to your soil and crops and should be considered a long-term investment for your business. You will see the benefits of applying compost over time as nutrients slowly build up in your soil.

For example, the difference between a native forest and a commercial orchard is that we take the fruit from the trees and export them off the property. So in order to give back to the soil to provide nutrients for future harvests we need to have a replacement.

Compost contains a number of elements so it’s recommended you get a soil test from a soil consultant to see what your soil already has and then after their recommendations get a compost analysis from your supplier so you are not overloading your soil with particular elements.

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