Minimising and repurposing waste

Our commitment to sustainability

At Azwood, we believe in being resourceful and making the most of what we've been given. We’re always looking for new ways to repurpose waste and help our partners on their sustainability journeys.

To us, it’s about thinking sustainably, proactively managing natural resources and doing what we can to help organisations access a circular economy.

Why choose Azwood
Sustainability through landfill diversion

Reducing landfill waste

Azwood's founder always had a concern about wood waste after seeing mills tipping a lot of waste into dumpsites. He thought he could do something with it, so gradually he did and now believes there's little to no wood waste dumped in Nelson.

In more than 40 years of supplying wood energy and natural media to commercial and industrial clients throughout New Zealand, we have the ability to supply products to specification, with a very good track record of supply contingency.

As part of our business model we divert landfill waste by working with local companies across multiple industries to turn waste into opportunity by repurposing their natural by products, creating a circular economy. 

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Environmental benefits

Working to create a circular economy

A circular economy tackles climate change and other global challenges like waste and pollution. It transforms how we manage resources, how we make and use products and what we do with our waste materials. 

At Azwood, we have created a unique circular economy by repurposing New Zealand industries' waste into a host of natural, high quality products that are burned or returned to the earth. 

To us, a circular economy is something you can hold in your hand and see, feel, and taste. This circular economy includes growers and landscapers who use Azwood composts, potting mixes, and landscape products, organisations with space heating requirements, schools, councils and local government requiring accredited playground surfacing or natural bio-media mixes for odour control and rain garden requirements, and retailers of pellet fuel for their customers.

Working with us: Environmental benefits
Carbon-neutral energy

Helping reduce carbon emissions

When we burn coal, the carbon emissions are released back into the atmosphere. When wood is burned, it only releases the same amount of carbon back into the atmosphere as it absorbed when the tree was growing. This is what makes it carbon neutral and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. 

Every organisation that switches to wood energy helps New Zealand transition to a lower carbon future.

Switching to wood fuel
Environmental responsibility

Reducing the impact on the environment

At Azwood, we feel it is our environmental responsibility as a company to act sustainably. We repurpose slash and other forestry industry waste to manufacture a host of natural products.

Finding better ways to improve forestry operations, positively impacting the environment, keeping waterways clean, and reducing environmental risks to our communities.

Our forestry slash clean-up services

Wood energy is good for the environment because it is carbon neutral. This means it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect because the carbon released when wood energy is used is offset by the carbon absorbed by trees during growth. Organisations can reduce their greenhouse gas footprint by switching to wood energy.


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The future at Azwood

Driving positive change

We’re working to recover more residues, and we’re aiming to utilise 100% of the residues we collect. 

We know there’s still a lot more work to do. It’s important to us to keep supporting our industry partners and continue to care for the environment while driving change.

The benefits of working with Azwood

Our commitment to a more sustainable future

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