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Azwood's Responsibility

With single-use plastics being a huge concern in today's society, Azwood started to consider other alternatives. Our customers were asking for a plastic-free alternative and we listened.

Although plastic is cheaper and more durable than paper, which is why we still offer a plastic bagged product range, we felt it was our responsibility to offer an eco-friendly paper bag alternative that can be easily recycled or repurposed. 

Single-use plastic won’t go away without change from both consumers and manufacturers, but the process starts with the latter.

How it all began

Many paper combinations were trialled and tested for durability, moisture management and storage capabilities. We even did the old ‘drop the egg from the top of the stairs’ test to be sure!

Testing and product development were important, especially for this product as the quality needed to exceed ENplus A1 certification standards while also being 100% biodegradable.

After we were happy with our concept we took it one step further and approached our partners in logistics, pellet fire owners and pellet fire retailers to make sure they were happy with the design, stacking, weight and durability. 

Once our market research was complete and we got the tick of approval all the way from the manufacturer to end user, we had to decide on a suitable big box retailer to sell our product.

As a Kaitiaki living beside the Opawaho Heathcote River, I am very aware of the amount of single-use plastic we need to stop using. Every day my husband and I walk along the banks and collect so much rubbish that people chuck out. The paper bags sound great, I welcome the idea. I will shred them and put them in my compost or use them for mulch to suppress weeds.

Genevieve Long

Pellet Fire Owner

Where to buy Resourcefuel®

It was important for us to find a retailer that aligned with our values and also took a sustainable approach.

During our research, we found The Warehouse were initiating an affordable and sustainable movement and with a bit of collaboration we teamed up to ensure country-wide access to ResourceFuel during winter months.

ResourceFuel 20kg wood pellet fuel in paper bags is now available at The Warehouse.

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