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With ongoing issues like climate change requiring us to take action to improve our air quality and decrease our carbon footprint, there’s increased pressure to switch to cleaner energy, including for homeowners. 

Heatstore offers a range of heating solutions for residential homes and is a valued pellet fuel reseller of Azwood's Onfire® Premium. Together they offer a package deal for new pellet fire owners as well as those looking to get their fire serviced.


Heatstore is a pellet fire showroom based in Christchurch. They have been around for more than 20 years and were the original showroom for pellet fires in NZ, leading the market in Canterbury which is now the region with the most pellet fires in the domestic market.

Not only are they one of the largest retail stores for pellet fires in the region, they also offer ongoing services to their customers for repairs, maintenance, servicing and the delivery of pellet fuel to their door. 

Since the earthquakes, Christchurch has had to rebuild itself in the city and many residential areas. With any new build, there are now restrictions on what heating system you can install. 

A popular solution is to go electric by installing a heat pump. Still, for those who want a traditional burn of a log fire and the convenience of electricity, a pellet fire or pellet boiler are great alternatives. It’s becoming increasingly popular due to its clean burning properties and the convenience of sourcing pellet fuel from your local store. Due to the ease in which pellet fuel can be sourced, minimal storage is required and can be topped up as needed throughout the year.

What about when there is a power outage?

Pellet fires do require a small amount of electricity to run (about the equivalent of a light bulb). Thankfully, power outages are not as frequent or as long anymore but in the event this does happen, you can buy a battery pack to use which will be enough to keep it going.

We recommend Onfire Premium pellet fuel to our clients to compliment our pellet fires sales, so consistency is important to us. If we ever have any issues, the team at Azwood are great to deal with. We feel that they listen to our problems and rectify them when things aren’t right.

David Chalklen



Heatstore had a long-standing relationship with another pellet fuel supplier but found their needs weren’t being met as a loyal reseller of the brand. They were experiencing challenges with freight, logistics, customer service, and clinker build-up.

“One thing we love about Azwood is that we can order 10 pallets of bagged 15kg pellet fuel and it will arrive a few days later.”

Our Assessment

Azwood® wants to educate pellet fire owners on the importance of burning quality fuel. It can significantly reduce clinker build-up, ash remains and reduce maintenance costs in the long run. 

Watch this video on the ENplus certification - the highest pellet fuel certification in the world. Onfire® Premium is ENplus certified which is covered under pellet fire manufacturer warranties (unlike other low-grade fuels). This is important when making a huge investment on a home heating system.

Hearing about Heatstore’s challenges, Azwood® felt they had the right product and services to solve the majority of their issues including offering something as simple as great customer service.

“We have an overriding value of CARE for everything that we do at Azwood® for our team, our customers, our suppliers and our environment” - Azwood® Managing Director


Azwood® runs a loyalty program with independent pellet fire retailers as a package deal to add to their pellet fire sales. This entitles their customers to claim free bags when using their services. This helps encourage ongoing maintenance and servicing which is important to increase the life span of your pellet fire. 

Selling pellet fuel alongside pellet fires is a great initiative to steer their customers in the right direction and show them the difference burning quality fuel can make.

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