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Azwood’s Green Waste Compost is a highly sustainable option for those seeking an eco-friendly solution to their composting needs. Using wood residues, offcuts, and other green waste debris to create this compost represents a valuable example of a circular economy in action. Rather than being sent to landfills, this green waste material is repurposed through an intensive 12-month-long natural processing method.

In addition to its sustainable qualities, Azwood’s Green Waste Compost boasts numerous benefits for plants and soil. With its high nitrogen content, it has moisture retention capabilities and improves soil structure which promotes healthy and vibrant growth. As a BioGro Certified product that is free from animal waste, it is the perfect choice for those seeking an organic and all-natural soil conditioner. 

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    BioGro Certified guarantees organic certification which requires international organic regulations to be met through a full organic certification process (USDA, JAS, COR, EU).

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