What is the ENplus A1 certification?

Not all wood pellets are created equal. Standards and certifications provide guidance as to quality, however, there is a broad range of these, and some wood pellet manufacturers opt to meet lower thresholds to save costs. 

Azwood is different, we choose quality and produce our wood pellet fuel to the highest specification available. 

ENplus® A1 is the world's highest standard for wood pellet fuel and guarantees the quality of its wood pellets to an international standard - a standard that no other New Zealand wood pellet manufacturer has obtained.

ENplus® is a world-leading, transparent and independent certification scheme for wood pellets. From production to delivery, they guarantee quality along the entire supply chain.

We had a pallet fire installed last year and have tried pretty much every brand of pellet fuel available. Once we tried the Azwood pellets we never went back. We have found that the Azwood pellets burn hotter, last longer and don’t make as much ash. I would only recommend using Azwood pellets for your pellet fire.

Amadeus Mckissock

The ENplus guarantee

The ENplus® scheme is the only one that systematically certifies the entire supply chain, from the early stages of production to the delivery process. In addition to the technical standards for producing ENplus® pellets, which is the core of the certification scheme, all parties along the supply chain follow detailed guidelines and receive dedicated training to ensure consistent quality, the cornerstone of the ENplus® certification.

Azwood manufactures its pellet fuel under this regulated, controlled framework that guarantees fuel specifications and consistency. We also conduct internal audits and batch tests for every load that goes out and receive annual audits from an external provider to ensure we are compliant.

Watch - EN plus accredited Auditor Chris Wiberg visits Azwood to assess their wood fuel production.

This certification denotes that Azwood’s wood pellets are tested and meet a variety of technical specifications. These include set length and diameter, mechanical durability, percentage of fines and bulk density, which all contribute to the quality of your burn.

Azwood's ENplus® A1 pellets excel in terms of durability, ensuring they withstand packaging, handling, and transportation, resulting in fewer fines and a cleaner, more efficient burn. Our pellets are tested to assess ash and moisture levels, adhering to specific parameters within the ENplus A1 standards.

Ultimately, this strict monitoring guarantees that your pellet fire will perform at its optimum capabilities when fuelled with Azwood Energy’s ENplus® A1 pellets. This is clear from the fact that certain pellet fire manufacturers insist on using ENplus® A1-certified pellets.

More information on ENplus®

I am the Owner of Hydro Gas and heating here in Southland. I supply and install pellet fired Okofen and Easypell boilers. I burn Azwood pellets to heat my own home. I recommend Azwood wood pellets to all my clients. The boilers perform best with Azwood pellets and I wouldn't recommend anything else here in Southland"

Roger Wells

The benefits of Azwood’s certified pellet fuel

  • Consistency

    Quality pellet fuel is manufactured with precision, ensuring uniform size, shape, and density. This consistency allows for a steady and even burn, providing a reliable source of heat for your home without fluctuations

  • Efficiency

    Efficient combustion means maximizing heat output while minimizing waste in the form of ash. Azwoods certified pellet fuel is high density and low moisture content which results in more heat for your money and fewer emissions into the environment.

  • Environmental

    Wood Pellets have been proven to provide the cleanest burn of any solid fuel and burn so efficiently that they're virtually smokeless meaning low emissions. Pellet fuel is also carbon neutral because when it burns, it releases the same amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that the plants absorbed while growing to make the pellets.

  • Circular economy

    Azwood’s pellet fuel is a byproduct of the wood industry, utilising wood residues that might otherwise go to waste. This supports a circular economy model, where resources are efficiently used, recycled, and repurposed.

  • High Combustion

    As pellets have a near total combustion (around 98.5%) pellet stoves produce virtually no creosote with minimal ash production and reduced emissions. This not only ensures a healthier indoor environment but also contributes to better air quality and lower environmental impact.

  • Easy to store

    We fit 50 bags of pellet fuel on a 1200 x 1000mm pallet which is enough to last most people through a whole winter. This is significantly less space than whats needed for firewood.

I absolutely love Azwood pellets. They are better value for your money as they burn longer and warmer than other pellets on the market. I have had my pellet fire for 8 years and have been using Azwood pellets for about 6 years and will never go back to the other brand's as they just don't heat the same and they burn away so fast. I was using 2-3 bags to 1 bag of Azwood pellets. I highly recommend Azwood 10 out of 10 from me."

Kirsty Beyer

Signs of low-quality pellet fuel

If you choose to use low quality pellet fuel, you may find that you do no get as much heat output as you would like. Our customers often say how burning ENplus certified pellet fuel burns hotter for longer. This is due to many factors such as…


When there is too much moisture, pellets are harder to ignite and burn meaning they do not completely combust. ENplus recommend a moisture content of less than 10% and Azwood’s pellets average around 7.2%. 


If pellets have high moisture content, they create more ash which will require more cleaning and can often cake on to the window making it harder to remove. ENplus recommend an ash content of less than 0.7% and Azwood’s pellets average around 0.29%.

Increased Maintenance

Using low-quality pellets can lead to increased maintenance and repairs for your pellet stove or boiler.

Excessive Fines

Low-quality pellets often produce more fine dust, which can clog your stove's auger and affect performance.


Clinker is formed by burned or partially burned low-quality biomass fuel. The impurities found in low-quality wood fuel will react at high temperatures melting into clumps and forming a solid residue that can block pellet fires, reducing their efficiency.

Manufacturer warranty

It's important to note that certain pellet fire manufacturers may not honor warranties for low-grade pellet fuel, a detail often found in the fine print. To safeguard your warranty in case of any future issues, make sure your pellet fuel is certified and covered by checking the manufacturer's guidelines.

  • Azwood® ensures that the quality of our fuel is not compromised from manufacturing and packaging to delivery. However, once they leave our hands, we are relying on you to maintain the quality and in return, your pellet fire will get the clean hot burn you expect from your pellet fuel.
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