Onfire® Premium 15kg Pellet Fuel

Experience pellet fuel quality with Onfire® Premium - Azwood's premium brand of pellet fuel. Designed to provide maximum heat output for your pellet fire, Onfire® Premium is recognised for its quality and ENplus A1 certification to ensure its dependability exceeds industry standards for pellet fires.

Onfire® Premium is made from sawdust and shavings derived from the New Zealand forestry industry, representing a pellet fuel crafted from quality wood residues. It is readily available in 15kg bags from various convenient locations throughout New Zealand.

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  • ENplus A1 certification logo

    ENplus A1

    ENplus A1 certifies producers committed to manufacturing the highest quality wood pellet fuel globally.

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  • Carbon neutral certification logo

    Carbon neutral

    This stamp guarantees you're getting an authentic Azwood carbon-neutral product made from wood residues.

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