Firetime® 20kg Pellet Fuel

Looking for reliable and quality pellet fuel? Look no further than Firetime® from Azwood. This certified brand has become a staple in homes across New Zealand, known for its excellent heat production and low ash content. 

Each 20kg bag is packed with the highest quality pellets, made from sawdust and shavings from the New Zealand forestry industry and processed for maximum energy output. Plus, with ENplus A1 international certification, you can trust that each batch is carefully tested to meet the highest quality standards.

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  • ENplus A1 certification logo

    ENplus A1

    ENplus A1 certifies producers committed to manufacturing the highest quality wood pellet fuel globally.

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  • Carbon neutral certification logo

    Carbon neutral

    This stamp guarantees you're getting an authentic Azwood carbon-neutral product made from wood residues.

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