The cause of quality issues

There could be a couple of things causing issues that might not actually be to do with the wood fuel itself.

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    Your boiler hasn't been regularly maintained or cleaned

    This can cause a range of issues such as leaks, corrosion, system malfunctions and more.

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    Build-up of ash

    Biomass combustion produces ash that, if not cleaned regularly, can build up over time and cause blockages which reduces efficiency and can even shut down the boiler.

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    Clinker in your boiler

    Clinker is formed by burned or partially burned low-quality fuel. The impurities found in low-quality wood fuel will react at high temperatures melting into clumps and forming a solid residue. This can result in operational challenges.

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    If the fuel feed rate exceeds the boiler's capacity, the temperature in the furnace may increase dramatically and can ultimately damage the boiler.

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    Incorrect sizing of wood fuel used

    If the boiler isn't correctly sized for the fuel load, it can result in frequent cycling which can damage the boiler and lead to inefficient energy usage.

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    Control system failures

    If the control systems of the boiler, like sensors and float switches, aren't working correctly, the boiler can shut down or fail to operate efficiently.

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    Using the wrong fuel type

    It’s important to ensure the specification of the fuel you are using is manufactured and supplied within the strict criteria for your boiler. If your fuel is not performing, first check you are using the right fuel.

the team at Azwood are here to help

I have an issue with my wood fuel, what should I do?

At azwood, we have an overriding value of CARE, and that includes caring for our customers. 

Quality is important to us and we take quality issues with our wood fuel seriously. If you have concerns about a recent delivery of Azwood’s fuel then please get in touch so we can investigate.

  • Submit your concerns

  • Azwood investigates to determine the cause

  • Azwood resolves the issue

Learn more

  • Sometimes what might seem like a quality issue, may actually be something else. It is good to gain an understanding of the fuel your using, where it is sourced from and if it is right for your boiler's specifications.
    Understanding your fuel type
  • Getting the right energy output for your boiler can sometimes take a lot of fine-tuning to get the most out of your fuel. If you are having quality issues it may be that it’s not the fuel quality but in fact the fuel type.
    Choosing the correct fuel for your boiler

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