Your boiler type and heat output needs

When it comes to wood fuel, there's no universal option that suits all boiler types and heat output demands. The first step in making an informed choice is to understand your boiler's specifications and your heating requirements. Whether you have a hog fuel boiler, wood pellet boiler, or wood chip boiler, each type has its own characteristics.

For instance, a wood pellet boiler is engineered to operate at its best with consistent wood pellets, that are energy dense and have a high heat output. In contrast, wood chip boilers and hog fuel boilers can use materials with varying particle sizes and the moisture content is generally a lot higher. 

The impact of moisture content

Moisture content in wood fuel is a key factor that influences combustion efficiency. Different wood fuels have varying moisture levels, and using the wrong moisture content can lead to suboptimal performance.

If your fuel moisture content is too high for your boiler - High moisture content in wood can lead to excessive steam production, which not only diminishes the combustion process's efficiency but also smothers the fire. 

If your fuel moisture content is too low for your boiler - Conversely, low moisture content can result in excessively high furnace temperatures, leading to rapid energy burn and inefficiency.

Boiler conversion and fuel selection

When considering a switch in wood fuel type or planning a new installation, getting a consultation at the beginning is advised. Azwood has the experience and industry knowledge to understand your heating needs, evaluate your boiler's compatibility, and recommend the most suitable option.

By reaching out during the early stages, you gain the advantage of tailored advice that takes into account your site's demands, boiler specifications, and long-term goals. We can assess factors such as fuel availability, storage requirements, and combustion efficiency to guide you toward the optimal wood fuel choice for your specific situation.

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Having quality issues with your fuel?

If you are having quality issues it may be that it’s not the fuel quality but in fact the fuel type. All wood fuels will have their own unique specifications to cater for certain boilers.

Below is a list of Azwood’s fuel range to gain a better understanding of which might be right for your boiler. 

If you are still unsure, please get in touch and we would be happy to answer any of your questions or make a recommendation based on your boiler type.

Commercial Pellet Fuel

Azwood's wood pellet fuel is ISO standard pellet fuel manufactured to BANZ TG1. We understand the importance of quality and consistency, ensuring that our pellets are uniform in size, shape, and density. This ensures a clean burning fuel and efficient combustion in your boiler or heating system.

Moisture content - less than 10% 
Ash content - less than 0.7%
Energy content - greater than 17-18% Gj per tonne

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S30 Wood Chip

Azwood’s industrial wood energy S30 chip boasts more than 13.5 Gj of energy per tonne, providing consistent heat to meet your requirements.

This industrial wood energy has less than 20% moisture content and less than 1% ash content, making it the ideal choice for medium to large process heat factories and space heating requirements.

Moisture content - less than 20%
Ash content - less than 1%
Energy content - greater than 13.5Gj per tonne

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S50 Wood Chip

Azwood's S50 industrial wood energy chip is a cost-effective solution for high-volume wood energy users. S50 chip is a reliable and consistent source of heat, resulting in improved boiler and maintenance efficiencies for your business.

Moisture content - less than 35%
Ash content - less than 3%
Energy content - greater than 11.4Gj per tonne

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P100 Hogfuel

This large-grade commercial hog fuel is designed for high-volume users such as industrial heat users, medium to large factories, and space heating requirements. It is particularly suited for plants or operations that can utilise wood energy with up to 55% moisture content.

Moisture content - Less than 55%
Ash content - Less than 6%
Energy content - greater than 7.4Gj per tonne

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