Raw material source

  • Where does the wood come from that goes into the wood fuel?

  • Is your wood fuel made from 100% natural and untreated wood?

  • Is your wood fuel sustainably made from wood residues left over from forestry harvest?

Azwood sources wood for their fuel range from sustainably managed forestry sites right here in NZ. We offer an environmental clean-up service where we take all wood residues left over from harvest and repurpose that into wood fuels.

Our wood fuels are made of Douglas fir pine wood residues that have not been treated nor contaminated in the harvest process. 

While it is impossible to source raw materials from forestry sites that are completely free of all mineral impurities, there are some locations that offer a higher quality wood fuel source than others. 

All of Azwood’s fuel range is certified to ISO standards or Enplus. To comply with their strict standards we have to test and record the supply chain to ensure high quality in feed to meet the required fuel specifications. It’s about finding the right recipe and making small tweaks to ensure consistency for optimum boiler performance.

Our process of collecting wood residues

Wood fuel specifications

  • Does your wood fuel have the required moisture content specifically for your boiler?

  • Is your fuel certified?

  • Is your commercial hog fuel manufactured to ISO standards?

  • Does your wood fuel supplier conduct regular audits and batch testing?

Azwood has a range of wood fuels that all go through a strict auditing process to ensure they are high quality and meet certification standards where required. Every boiler is different so we work with the customer to find the right moisture content to achieve optimum efficiency.

Azwood conducts internal audits and batch tests for every load that goes out and receives annual audits from an external provider to ensure we are compliant.

Have quality issues with your wood fuel?

Boiler Capabilities

Boilers are highly dependent on the reliability and uniformity of the fuel they use. To maximize the efficiency and performance of a boiler system, it is important for customers to design their system around the specific requirements of a particular type of wood fuel. 

By selecting and utilizing the most suitable wood fuel, customers can ensure that their boiler consistently operates at its peak potential, resulting in optimal heat production and overall system efficiency.

The correct moisture content is different for every boiler so best to speak with your boiler technician to ensure you are using the right fuel.

Choosing a certified wood fuel

Azwood’s wood fuels are certified by internationally recognised certification schemes. 

We work with our clients to recommend the right fuel grade for the specifications of your boiler and the consistency of our fuel products means you will get the most out of your fuel.

Azwood’s wood pellets are Enplus A1 certified

The ENplus® scheme is the only one that systematically certifies the entire supply chain, from the early stages of production to the delivery process. In addition to the technical standards for producing ENplus® pellets, which is the core of the certification scheme, all parties along the supply chain follow detailed guidelines and receive dedicated training to ensure consistent quality, the cornerstone of the ENplus® certification.

Azwood’s wood chips are externally audited and accredited 

Azwood manufactures their fuel range under a regulated, audited (annually), internationally recognised, controlled framework that guarantees fuel specifications and consistency.

Managing the quality of wood chips can be challenging due to numerous variables involved in their production. Without an established quality system in place, it becomes difficult for individuals to confidently ensure the quality of the product which makes it easy to deviate and provide off-spec product. 

Azwood has an onsite laboratory where every load that is produced will be tested and verified to confirm it meets the ISO standards. Additionally, we are audited every year by an external auditor to ensure we are complying to their criteria.

Have a questions? Ask our team.

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