Animal bedding benefits include

✓ Used as a flooring material

✓ Comfort to animal

✓ Encourages resting

✓ Contribute to udder health

✓ Contributes to milk quantity & quality

✓ Minimizes injury and fatigue

An honest comparison of all animal bedding products on the market



Pros: A cheaper alternative with little maintenance and available in most places. Provides warmth

Cons: Straw is dusty and non-absorbent which may lead to disease. It is also very light meaning it blows away easily and edible making it food and a bed.


Paper Bedding

Pros: A dust-free and non-edible bedding solution that provides warmth. This option is readily available anywhere.

Cons: An even larger amount is needed to create a base layer which means this can get costly. Due to the high absorbency and durability (or lack of) things will become very soggy fast.



Pros: Dust-free and absorbent providing a warm, comfortable animal bedding alternative.

Cons: Costly, susceptible to mould and requires a lot of maintenance.


Wood Pellets

Pros: 100% natural wood pellets are cheap and very absorbent.

Cons: Wood pellets must be activated first with water to expand which can get messy and is time-consuming. They also are prone to rotting.


Rubber Matting

Pros: Flat and cushioned to reduce fatigue and stress. Since it is waterproof, rubber matting is convenient and easy to keep clean.

Cons: The initial cost is expensive and does not provide warmth or absorbency.



Pros: Sawdust makes an absorbent bedding option that is readily available and relatively easy to sweep up. The small particles are great for indoor use to provide a cushiony warm layer.

Cons: Wood sawdust can be dusty which might cause breathing allergies.


Wood Chips

Pros: Due to large particle sizes wood chip has great drainage properties for excrement and is a lot more durable than other alternatives.

Cons: Although you can create a good base layer it may not be as comfortable as some of the more softer animal bedding like shavings and sawdust.

What are the risks of not applying animal bedding?

  • Fatigue

  • Disease

  • Health

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