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Logan Park High School in Dunedin was one of the first schools in New Zealand to convert from coal to wood pellets, in 2008. Consideration of the environment was a key driver.

One of their values is “treating the world responsibly and with care” by protecting the environment and living up to that.

The school runs 2 boilers with a total output 1.460 megawatts (730kw) each.
*1 MW = 1000 kilowatts or equivalent to 162 air conditioning units (based on the average 9kw unit).

“The saying, if it isn't broken why fix it crossed our minds, when Azwood first approached us to make the conversion to wood energy, however, their clear and detailed knowledge of their product(s) made us consider changing”

We were surprised, in a good way, to discover that not all wood pellets are created equally. Consistency in a high-quality product (wood pellets) and communication/service has remained throughout the years since making the switch to wood energy and partnering with Azwood. It's big smiles and happy warm winters at the school for us

Dave Penny

Property Site Manager

Logan Park High School


With the environment in mind, one of the biggest issues for Logan Park High School was the impact of coal. Coal ash and smoke are toxic emissions and contain trace elements such as arsenic, chromium, lead, and mercury. Over time, in high commercial volumes, it all adds up. 

Not only that but air pollution from coal is linked with many health risks and has a huge negative impact on the environment.

Their boilers run for around 9 hours a day in winter, to heat 8 large buildings spread out over the school grounds. The need to future proof their boiler system for the students and the environment could not be ignored any longer. 



Initially, we were working with another learning institute in the area when we came across Logan Park High School. Their location, being in a valley surrounded by hills and forestry, posed an issue where their coal smoke was gathering in the valley and creating poor air quality for the students. 

We approached them to consider making the switch to wood energy by converting their coal boiler to take wood pellets which is a carbon-neutral alternative that is sustainable and better for the environment and their students. 

 “They went to great lengths in understanding what was vital to our operating needs and the level of direct and quick, clear communication has been key in our 100% satisfaction.”


Azwood has a range of wood energy solutions, but thankfully Logan Park High School already had a foot in the door with their current coal boiler. Some coal boiler systems can easily be converted to take wood pellet fuel which reduces the costs heavily when considering making the switch to wood energy.

Pellets are similar to the size and heat output of coal. Considering the sheer volume needed when running with wood chips, pellets were a good choice both in storage and frequency of deliveries.

One noticeable difference was the time it took to heat up the school. When they used coal it took roughly 1.5 hours and since the conversion, they have cut that down to 30 minutes.

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