Wood pellet boilers are a reasonably new concept in New Zealand but after speaking with Roger Wells from Hydro Gas & Heating, it is clear that carbon-neutral central heating is possible and cost-competitive.

Futureproof your home with central heating

Although the initial cost of installing a central heating system can be more than a singular heating device, the benefits greatly outweigh the latter. 

Installing central heating can provide long-term cost savings and makes it easier to control temperature and energy usage. This can increase the value of the home and make it more appealing to future buyers.

With a central heating system, homeowners can also reduce their carbon footprint and be more environmentally conscious, which is important as the world moves towards renewable energy.

I was blown away by how energy efficient the pellet boiler was. Pellets are a cleaner option and so much more efficient. You are future-proofing the home, it’s better for the environment and it’s cheaper… A win-win.

Roger Wells

Hydro Gas & Heating

The benefits of pellet boilers

Wood pellet boilers, such as the Easypell pellet boiler, are an eco-friendly alternative central heating system.

Wood pellet boilers require minimal installation work and can replace your previous fuel, with no need to modify your existing radiator or underfloor heating system. Its compact size takes up less than 1 square meter of floor space, including pellet storage.

  • Features of a pellet boiler

  • Benefits of a pellet boiler

Hear from another boiler installer

There is a couple that I installed a pellet boiler for who go to Australia a lot. They love being able to turn their heating on before they come home so every room in the house is warm.

Roger Wells

Hydro Gas & Heating

Cost comparison to other central heating systems.

Installation cost

When looking at installation costs, investing in any central heating system has a higher initial cost compared to purchasing a singular heating device, but in the long run provides more value for money and is more energy efficient.

Depending on the options you are looking at, pellet boilers may only be a few thousand more to install than diesel or gas. The good thing about pellet boilers, is that there are no extra hidden costs/purchases, and it is relatively easy to install. Best to talk to a boiler installer directly to work out the best option for you.

Fuel cost

When the price per kilowatt was calculated, it was found that pellet fuel was anywhere between 2-10 cents cheaper than other fuels on the current market. 

A customer of Hydro Gas & Heating saved roughly $540 a month by switching from a coal boiler to a pellet boiler.

“I did all the math to see what I was paying per kilowatt for my on pellet fire at home and was pleasantly surprised to find it was competitive. - Roger Wells, Hydro Gas & Heating

Feeding quality fuel into your boiler system

Not all wood pellets are created equal. Standards and certifications provide our customers with assurance and a guarantee that you are feeding your pellet fire quality fuel.

Azwood's range of pellet fuel, like Onfire® Premium, Firetime®, and Resourcefuel® are all certified to the international ENplus A1 NZ certification scheme for wood pellets, which is the highest quality guarantee for wood pellets in the world.

This certification scheme guarantees certain standards and requirements are met in the manufacturing process of pellet fuel through regular audits and tests. This means every batch is tested to ensure the highest quality pellets are provided from manufacturing on through to delivery to your local shops floor.

Burning pellet fuel that is not certified to the ENplus standard may void the manufacturer's warranty of your boiler. Not only that but over time can cause more costs in maintenance and services.

Find your nearest pellet fuel retailer

It is almost a year since Roger installed our Easypell wood pellet boiler. We have found it to be clean, efficient and totally reliable. It has been a joy to use. We have used about 3 tonne of wood pellets which I think will be cheaper than the old coal alternative. This makes going green easy.

Alistair Wilson

Azwood customer

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