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Veda Organics found that the soil type they were working with was very heavy and low in organic matter. They struggled to reach organic matter levels required for market gardening which is what drove the need for compost to help increase the nutrients in their soil and produce quality veggies. 

They were already a customer of Azwood, using a custom potting mix for their seedlings, but in addition, found Azwood’s Greenwaste Compost ticked all the boxes because it was BioGro organic certified compost and free from animal waste.


Ben (Balarama) and Romany (Rati) began stewarding Veda Organics farmland in Motueka Valley in 2010. 

With help from neighbours and farming friends, they learned to drive a tractor and when to sow different crops. They are both Bhakti yogis and their spiritual practices translate into growing food in collaboration with nature and symbiosis with animal life. Ben's background in vegetarian cooking and Romany's background in naturopathy and yoga also contribute to the desire to grow ethical, healthy food.

Veda Organics does not use industrial animal slaughterhouse industry waste or byproducts.  Instead, they work with goats, sheep and cows to manage paddocks and increase soil fertility.  After years of searching, Romany and Ben found the right organic compost free from animal waste.

After years of searching, we have found suitable inputs that are free from animal waste. Hooray!

Ben & Romany

Veda Organics


Most composts are produced with animal waste or byproducts. Veda Organics wanted an environmentally ethical alternative that didn't compromise quality.


In the beginning, we supplied Flourish compost to Ben and Romany, a mushroom-based compost. Although, Flourish is a vegetarian product it is not BioGro organic certified, meaning they needed to look at other alternatives in order to grow organic produce.

Azwood offers a green waste drop-off service for the Nelson Tasman area. In 2021 they were looking for ways in which they can repurpose their green waste and through trial and error are now able to manufacture and produce a BioGro certified compost from what would have originally been considered waste. 

Green waste compost seemed to perfectly fit the needs of Veda Organics and now more than a year on they are seeing great results in their soil health as well as the quality of their produce. 

What is the BioGro certification?

Organic is defined as avoiding or excluding the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics, growth modification and irradiation. Organic certification is the world’s most widely-used, secure and impermeable traceability system.

BioGro certifies farmers, producers, and manufacturers to show that every aspect of their process is compliant with New Zealand organic standards. The BioGro logo guarantees a product has been made without GMO, animal waste, animal testing, and the routine use of synthetic pesticides.


In the beginning, Veda Organics were struggling to produce veggies big enough. By reducing fertilizers with organic compost free from animal waste, they were able to increase their organic matter and nutrients in their soil and saw an obvious improvement. Azwood’s pricing and the mass operation they run producing bulk compost was a huge advantage to Ben and Romany. With a better understanding of Azwood’s bulk compost production processes, they felt they had a reliable and trusted supplier in us. 

Although they have had to increase the frequency and quantities of compost use, they in turn were able to reduce their use of fertilisers. As stewards of the land, they are putting back into their soil and the soil is reciprocating.

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