How is wastewater odour controlled with natural bark media?

Natural bark-based biofiltration media is a very effective media to help control and reduce harmful odours in the air. Bark from trees is a natural host for good bacteria to live and thrive. This develops over time to help process the airstream and odour particles that are flowing past.

Every biofilter will have a different type or variant of bacteria which is dependent on the odour type and particulates of the specific project. Bark is high in carbon, so similar to carbon-based biofilters, although bark is natural and can be more effective in the right conditions and specifications.

The different inputs that are mixed with the bark media, such as ocean shell, add trace elements to help control the pH and moisture levels in the media to aid in keeping the bacteria healthy and vibrant.

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Why is it important to keep bark living?

It is important to keep a balanced moisture content and pH level, keeping the bark "alive" as it is a host for the bacteria and microorganisms that break down the wastewater odour to create odour-free air. If the media dries out the bacteria will die and the odour-filled air will pass by without being deodorised. The same problem would occur if the acidity of the bark media is increased.

Azwood adds specialist ingredients into the biofilter blends to help maintain consistent moisture content throughout the media as well as natural trace element products to maintain consistent pH levels to keep the biofiltration process alive, and effective. Request more information on our biofiltration medias.

See how Mangere wastewater treatement plant used our biofiltration media to solve drainage issues.

The process

This video on wastewater collection and treatment explains the process in detail.

How wastewater odour is controlled

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