How does biofiltration media work?

Biofiltration uses a media mix of natural carbon and trace elements to create an active biological bed through which VOCs are passed. Contaminant compounds diffuse from the gas phase to the liquid or solid phase in the media bed. They then transfer to the BioFilm layer, where microbial growth, from micro-organisms, occurs, which biodegrades those contaminants. When working efficiently, BioFilm removes more than 90% of air pollutants, including those that some agencies class as hazardous such as hydrogen sulphide.

Azwood’s BioFilm is a contaminant-free, all-natural product, manufactured from recycled, carbon-neutral materials.

The process

This video on wastewater collection and treatment explains the process in detail. We supply bark media to filter out VOCs at every stage of the process.

Natural bark-based biofiltration media is a very effective media to help control and reduce harmful odours in the air. Bark from trees is a natural host for good bacteria to live and thrive. This develops over time to help process the airstream and odour particles that are flowing past.

Every biofilter will have a different type or variant of bacteria which is dependent on the odour type and particulates of the specific project. Bark is high in carbon, so similar to carbon-based biofilters, although bark is natural and can be more effective in the right conditions and specifications.

Biofilter media maintenance

Maintenance of biofiltration systems involves media replacement, moisture control of the filter bed, hardware upkeep and some special requirements depending on the specific biofilter chosen. Most biofiltration systems provide for automatic monitoring and logging of gas temperatures, pressures, humidity and flow rate. Bed media and filtration require manual testing.

Councils, particularly, have a responsibility to protect the public health and minimise damaging discharges into the environment. Azwood has proudly supported the minimisation of adverse environmental effects and the promotion of community amenities and good health by supplying BioFilm to these local government organisations.

Azwood has the knowledge, experience and capabilities to provide expert consultants to advise on your project. Azwood will test current conditions, report findings and create a specialist recipe and product suitable for your site.

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