Commercial landscape supplies for Christchurch

The Christchurch production yard has commercial landscape supplies readily available to landscapers and contractors. Below is a list of the compost, mulch and playground surfacing on offer.

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Why Azwood

  • 100% natural

  • Circular economy

  • Kiwi-owned

Where do your products come from?

Azwood provides environmentally sustainable solutions by repurposing wood residues. All Azwood products are manufactured and produced from natural wood residues from forestry sites that would otherwise end up in dump sites or landfills. 

As part of our circular economy, we help organisations by providing environmental cleanup and using the residues we collect to manufacture commercial landscape supplies for Christchurch and other natural products. 

We also work closely with local partners to help them repurpose other natural waste like manures and fungi, animal bi-products, and green waste, which is all repurposed into our composts to provide soil conditioners for growing environments.

Delivery options

Azwood has a fleet of trucks with different delivery options to suit your project’s needs. For direct delivery to your site contact us for more information.

You have the option of a bulk tipper and a blower truck that can deliver within the capacity of 25m3 – 100m3.

Azwood’s blower truck is designed to do the hard work by applying product directly to your preferred area to save time and increase efficiency.

Features & Benefits

  • Quality

    At Azwood, we are committed to providing high-quality soft landscaping products that are consistent and 100% natural. Azwood’s bark and compost range are made from repurposed natural wood residues, providing a nutritious environment for plants to thrive in.

  • Biodegradable and renewable

    Wood residues are biodegradable, which means they can be recycled and used as compost, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

  • No chemicals or toxins

    Repurposed wood products contain no harmful chemicals, meaning no toxic substances can negatively affect peoples health.

  • Cost effective

    Using natural wood residues for landscaping is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for you and your clients.

Local resellers

We have our own production yard in Christchurch and sell our commercial landscape supplies through various resellers in the Canterbury region. If booking directly with us is not an option, here is a list of resellers who sell Azwood products.

  • North Canterbury

  • Christchurch

  • South Canterbury

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