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Azwood’s partnership with Nelson Tasman Hospice started in 2019 after they put a question to the team asking for suggestions of charities they should support that aligned with the values of the business and its employees. 

It was identified that the staff were all willing to jump on board but they didn’t feel that they had enough to significantly contribute in a monetary way. And so from there, the working bee garden project was born.


Nelson Tasman Hospice provides specialist palliative care for around 240 people a month with life-limiting illnesses in the Nelson Tasman region, supporting them and their whānau to improve their quality of life.   

People with life-limiting illnesses need a holistic approach to their care, not only focusing on physical symptoms but also supporting patients and their whānau with the social, emotional, and spiritual impact of their illness. The level of care provided is based on the needs of the patient and whānau.

Outside of the clinical work that Nelson Tasman Hospice do, they also have around 700 pieces of equipment available free of charge to patients and their whānau to support them in their homes. They also have an extensive education programme providing education on specialist palliative care for both professionals and those that are caring for loved ones with life-limiting illnesses. 

Nelson Tasman Hospice has a $3.5M dollar funding gap every year, so there is a need to raise money organically through their hospice shops, cash donations from individuals and businesses as well as community fundraising and working bees. Another great way individuals, community groups and businesses can support them is by volunteering. They are always open to hearing from people about ways they might be able to provide specialist support to their cause. Please get in touch with them directly if you wish to help.  

All of these generous donations and offerings to the Nelson Tasman Hospice charity allow them to continue offering their services free to our community.

The gardens look so refreshed and we know that as Spring is around the corner we will also benefit from the product with reduced weeding and retained moisture coming into Summer.

Nelson Tasman Hospice


The gardens on the SPU unit grounds are a peaceful area that provides a special place for patients and their whanau to relax and spend time together. The trees and plantings have been gifted by the community which makes it even more of a special place and a sanctuary to all who spend time there. 

With large landscaped areas, however, comes a lot of maintenance and it was important for them to be able to nurture and care for the gardens as easily and sustainably as possible. 

“That’s where having the Azwoods team support us with their in-kind donations of Forest Floor mulch and the working bee, is pivotal.”


Azwood wanted this to be an ongoing project where they provided the resources and their staff provided their time to spruce up the gardens in their SPC unit. Although covid has prevented them from making it an annual thing, they have had multiple working bee afternoons through the years past where staff and volunteers get together and spread Forest Floor mulch and Deco No.1 around the gardens. 

This provides a decorative low-maintenance covering that prevents weed growth and retains moisture for the plants to thrive.

"It takes a community to make a Hospice happen and to have the support of the team at Azwood working alongside our volunteer gardeners and maintenance team is a good demonstration of how working together can deliver amazing results." - Nelson Tasman Hospice


The working bee was a huge success. The application of mulch brought numerous benefits such as conserving water to reduce frequent watering and suppressing weeds to minimize the growth of unwanted plants and making garden maintenance much more manageable for the staff.

Forest Floor mulch will also contribute long term by improving soil health and gradually breaking down to releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil.

The collaborative effort of the team and the use of mulch significantly revitalized the Nelson Tasman hospice's garden, providing a serene and tranquil space for patients, visitors, and staff to find solace and comfort in the beauty of nature.

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