The Market

Until now, wood pellets – the energy-dense fuel burned in residential pellet fires has been packaged in a medium weight micron plastic bag. The wood pellets supply the 10,000 pellet fires in New Zealand with the consumers purchasing between 70-150 bags annually depending on location and seasonal temperatures.

Consumers purchase the packaged product, often in volumes of 5-10 for a single-use purpose until the fire pellets are burned and the plastic is sent to landfill.

Wood pellets rely on robust packaging because the quality needs to be upheld throughout the supply chain, making biodegradable packaging that one step harder. However after considerable comments, enquiries and concerns from consumers, ‘sitting back’ was not an option.

We have customers who hate single-use plastic but enjoy the convenience of a pellet fire. Until now, they have had no choice but to purchase and dispose of plastic, leaving some questioning whether a pellet fire is for them. Now, those same consumers can have a positive impact on the environment.

Azwood customer

The plastic problem

Councils, Supermarkets other organisations across the country have tried and in some cases succeeded to solve single use and soft plastic issues through collection initiatives. Although the varying levels are reflective of two barriers which are met. 

Firstly, New Zealand must find a solution to our inability for recycling certain numbers, or grades of plastics. Secondly, we need to be shifting away from single use plastic towards reutilising and recycling other forms of packaging – this is essential for purposeful change.

A spokesperson from ResourceFuel stated it was a ‘game changer’ for the industry as consumers become more conscious about their purchasing decisions and they can now act based on their values.

The Product

Resourcefuel® pellet fuel

ResourceFuel® pellet fuel is the ultimate environmentally friendly option to traditional pellet fuels. Crafted with your sustainable living in mind, our product has ZERO single-use plastic. Each bag is produced with 100% durable paper and eco-friendly recycled thread, making every purchase a step towards a cleaner environment.

What sets ResourceFuel® apart is the fact that our packaging is fully compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable. You decide how you want to dispose of it, knowing that no harm will be done to the environment. The pellet fuel inside the bag is certified to ENplus A1 international standards, attesting to a level of quality that is recognized and respected around the world.

At Azwood, we're passionate about sustainability, which is why we've teamed up with The Warehouse to support their sustainability goals and reduce single-use plastic consumption.