Our identity

A brand is the sum total of the perception of the business by customers, staff, and stakeholders. Up until now, the business has had multiple brands (Azwood Energy, and Wholesale Landscapes) sitting under one umbrella (Azwood Group), creating a somewhat disconnected feel. This presented us with an opportunity.

Wholesale Landscapes repurposes wood residues into products like compost, mulch, potting mix, and bark products, whereas Azwood Energy repurposes wood residues into wood energy and pellet fuel. When we took a step back to look at the values and purpose of the business as a whole, it made sense to consolidate the two entities into one.

Our mission is to enhance the environment by harnessing natural residues. We repurpose wood residues and other wastes into natural products and wood energy.

Our purpose is to resourcefully create sustainable environments for a better tomorrow.

How it will help the company going forward

Azwood’s new brand

We’re collaborating closely with key partners to create the vision of Azwood’s new brand so we can clearly communicate what we do and what we care about.

You will begin to see the new brand rolled out across our social media channels, communications, supplier documents, and more with the intention of launching a new website later this year.

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History of the company

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