Industrial heating

  • Sustainable heating solutions
    A comprehensive guide to sustainable heating solutions. Are you considering switching to biomass wood fuel? Understand why wood fuel is a sustainable alternative, if it is right for your business and what steps to take.
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  • Biomass wood fuel success stories
    We manufacture a range of biomass wood fuels for commercial boilers and can help with advice on boiler conversions. See our customer testimonials after making the switch to sustainable energy.
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Thinking of incorporating compost into your vineyard management?

The viticulturist's guide to soil health is a great starting point for anyone wanting to practice sustainable growing or is looking to make their operation organic. Find out how to get started using compost for commercial growers and what options are available to you.

Viticulturist's Guide to Soil Health

Want to understand the benefits of using quality potting mix for your seedlings?

Download your copy of our potting mix handbook to understand what goes into making great quality potting mixes. Look at the different options available for nurseries and hop growers.

The potting mix handbook


  • Partnering with Azwood - Educational video series
    Azwood works with forest owners & managers to remove slash and environmental risks during and after harvesting operations, including slash and debris cleanup, onsite grinding and chipping, and residue removal.
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  • Environmental slash solutions and removal services
    Explore the benefits of working with Azwood to mitigate slash risk and learn about our unique methodology to not only reduce environmental risks, but improve the soil structure in plantable areas to increase ROI in future harvests
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Civil contracting & landscaping

An all in one product guide for bark, mulch and compost

We dive deep into understanding the difference between mulch and compost and provide solutions base on what you are looking to achieve.

Landscapers toolkit for mulch & compost

Confused by which playground surfacing to use?

We put together this comprehensive guide to help you understand the benefits of certified natural playground surfacing and compare to other options on the market to make an informed decision.

Complete guide to playground surfacing

Water management

  • Biofiltration - Effective wastewater odour control
    Looking for a natural and sustainable biofiltration media for odour control? Understand how using natural biofiltration media like Azwood's BioFilm can help control and reduce harmful odours in the air.
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  • Bioretention - Effective stormwater management
    Azwood’s BioRetain, a natural bioretention media used in rain gardens, is designed to store and treat stormwater. Learn more about how BioRetain can help you effectively manage stormwater pollutants.
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Animal Bedding

  • Animal bedding solutions
    Discover how our commitment to a circular economy benefits both your animals and the environment, and learn about comfort and absorption properties of Azwood's bedding. Understand why choosing Azwood means choosing biodegradable and renewable options, free from harmful chemicals and toxins, all while being cost-effective.
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  • Which animal bedding is best suited to your needs?
    Selecting the ideal animal bedding depends on the type of livestock and its specific application. Explore our user-friendly infographic to match your intended use with the best animal bedding choice for your unique requirements.
    Infographic for recommended uses

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