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Azwood supplies Hortex and its customers with quality, consistent compost for spreading undervine.

Compost serves as a critical element in enhancing soil health for Marlborough vineyards and Hortex has a long-standing relationship with Azwood, offering a complete package for compost spreading in Marlborough.


Hortex Contracting contracts to a large number of vineyards offering a full range of vineyard operational services including fert and compost spreading. Hortex's background was in the pipfruit industry in Motueka but since relocating to Marlborough in 2015 has established a strong relationship with a number of corporate and individual growers in the region.

With a deep-rooted history in the horticulture industry, Hortex contracting is no stranger to the benefits of soil health.

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The main reason to apply compost is to increase organic matter and you need a certain percentage of organic matter in soil to make the plant healthy. It has benefits of water retention but I think the bigger benefit is getting the soil right for your plant to be able to take up the nutrients that are in it. We have been working with Azwood for many years now and applied their compost throughout Marlborough. They supply a great range of products that are consistent, which is what our clients are looking for.

Tim Williams

Hortex Contracting


There are many challenges within the Marlborough viticulture industry that can result in poor-performing blocks and low yields. 

  • Varying soil types that require different needs.

  • Low organic content in soil

  • Inconsistent growth

  • Maintaining lush canopies throughout the growing season

  • Uncontrollable factors like weather, rainfall and temperature.

There is sometimes a lack of understanding of the value of compost and the importance of putting nutrients back into the soil to increase yield. Like Tim says “you get out what you put in” and in fact, compost can help combat all of the above challenges by

  • Breaking down the soil to allow for water retention and nutrient build up

  • Building organic matter to support vine growth

  • Providing consistent nutrients for consistent growth

  • Allowing vines to access nutrients to prevent yellowing off so early

  • Compost naturally helps cool roots and by breaking up and working its way into the soil it equally helps retain moisture when dry and reduce waterlogging when wet.

“It’s an upfront cost that is relatively expensive but when you look at the return at the end, it’s worth it.”


The best way you can increase yield is to get more ton per hectare of fruit. Ideally, you want your vineyard as even as you can for consistent winemaking.

Hortex Contracting recognises that the foundation of a thriving vineyard lies beneath the surface. Healthy soil is the key to unlocking the full potential of grapevines, ensuring they receive the nutrients they need to flourish.

Some growers choose to spread compost themselves but we recommend getting a contractor to spread compost so you can achieve the best results. Compost is an investment and you want it spread as evenly as possible.


Customers Tim has spoken with often comment on the exceptional results they have seen when applying compost. 

One of their customers applies 400-500 m3 of Azwood’s compost to their 60-hectare vineyard every year alternating blocks. The process is then repeated every 4 years and he swears by it. 

“If you want to get maximum yield you have to put in the money upfront to invest in soil. With Sav Blanc if you can get 3 tons more per hectare that’s your investment paid off in the first year.”

A trial was done on a hard clay soil vineyard in Marlborough where compost was applied to half the row. Tim was blown away by the results in the first year. “I did not expect that big of a difference in the first year”

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